Let’s get behind our team and win this thing: #TwoTeamsTwoCupsOneNation

There is likely to be one chance in the history of the world for one country to hold both the Rugby and Cricket World Cups at the same time - it's time to REALLY get behind our boys. The job is halfway done. Like everyone else, i was SUPER BUMMED when we lost so badly to India yesterday, although likely more so. i like to think of myself as South Africa's biggest cricket fan, [...]

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Another [sigh] Open Letter to the Proteas (team and management)

An Open letter to the South African Mens' Proteas Cricket team... Hi there, Yes, it's me again. Brett "Fish" aka Scuba Steve [That's right, i'm the guy who attended a cricket test at Newlands wearing full scuba gear during a rain-affected test and was dubbed "Scuba Steve" by Pommie Mbangwa on the tv] and if you can't tell i'm a huge fan. Still not sure? Well it was also [...]

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Poem: Where is this Protea Fire?

P    roteas run out on to the field for another lap of dejavu R    un-out? Another one adding insult to, well, injury O    f course we won the toss and chose the unpopular decision T    hat seems to be the order of the day, of the decay E    xpectations and disappointments will be kept to a minimum this time  A    s it looks like we were too busy [...]

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Open letter to the Proteas cricket team

Another major tournament, another exit. Traditionally that would be the end of my day and i'd be in an emotional slump for the next couple of hours and quietly sad for the next few days as i try and get over the emotional burden another South African cricket loss places on me. But this time it's different. Because i don't even care. The emotional burden that i do carry is from the fact that i [...]

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Tandem Post: Mumbai

Is it a bird? Is it a plane? ...No! It's Jonty! And with one scoop of the ball and full-on dive into the stumps, Imzamam Ul Haq was run out and Jonty Rhodes changed cricket fielding. For. Ever. Until that point i had kinda watched cricket a little bit and tried to pick a guy - Richard Snell - to be my guy. But to me it was this weird, alien confusing beast that kept getting [...]

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elementary my dear w

yesterday tbV and now my friend as well, brian watson, dropped in for a visit... from South Africa, brian is in the middle of doing his PHD in Arizona in stuff you would have to hear to not really understand [altho solar power and keeping particles the right distance from each other and a billionth of a meter thin wire all enter into it] and it was great to get to see him. he is [...]

be afraid – of new zealand – be very afraid…

is it just me or is this one of the most ridiculous sporting statements EVER since the days of Murray walker in Formula 1 talking about how a driver being overtaken was a great tactical move that would come into play later... the headline was "Conditions should suit us" "New Zealand wicketkeeper Brendon McCullum thinks his side's greater experience of conditions in Mirpur could give them the edge over South Africa in their quarter-final clash [...]

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