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Race with Me: White Privilege – Intro

The second video in my Race with Me series takes a look at the big hairy mammoth-type creature in the room, namely "White Privilege" BUT BEFORE YOU RUN AWAY... take a moment to entertain the possibility that the idea of 'White Privilege' you are against may not be the same as the thing i am talking about: For more Race with Me videos, click here

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Race with Me: When have white people done enough?

In this video i take a brief look at the question of when we as white people can move on from needing to talk about and act on apartheid stuff...

Race with me – Intro

i have been planning this video series for a long time. i am not a You Tuber and so i lack certain skills in terms of creating good video and have two friends who produce great videos who have been both trying to help me. But for many reasons the meetings just have not happened. So i decided to just get going with it and hopefully we can start producing better quality videos along the [...]

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Race with me…

[Due to a funeral happening this Saturday, the date of this gathering has been pushed forward a week to the 24th] Let's talk about race, baby... tbV and i have been back in South Africa for just over two years and for most of that time i have been talking about race online in different ways and trying to read and learn and listen and figure out and engage with so many different people in [...]

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