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Race with me: White guilt?

By now you have hopefully recognised that you have white privilege and moved to the place of acknowledging that white privilege is a thing in your life. So what now? This is where a lot of [angry] people start bringing up the idea of 'white guilt' which is what i want to tackle in this next video... because i don't think it's a thing: For more Race videos, click here [...]

Race with Me: White Privilege – Intro

The second video in my Race with Me series takes a look at the big hairy mammoth-type creature in the room, namely "White Privilege" BUT BEFORE YOU RUN AWAY... take a moment to entertain the possibility that the idea of 'White Privilege' you are against may not be the same as the thing i am talking about: For more Race with Me videos, click here

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Race with Me: When have white people done enough?

In this video i take a brief look at the question of when we as white people can move on from needing to talk about and act on apartheid stuff...

Race with me – Intro

i wanted to create a video version of much of what is blogged about on here in terms of Race and particularly South Africa. Not because i know it all, but because i have learned and am learning some stuff and want to share it with others who might be needing to learn. The title 'Race with me' is a multi-layered name that simply invites you to engage with issues of race with me, while at [...]

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Race with me…

[Due to a funeral happening this Saturday, the date of this gathering has been pushed forward a week to the 24th] Let's talk about race, baby... tbV and i have been back in South Africa for just over two years and for most of that time i have been talking about race online in different ways and trying to read and learn and listen and figure out and engage with so many different people in [...]

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