Dear John… the time you read this post, you'll be gone... So in response to my post directed at my white friends in South Africa and Americaland with regards to race-related things, i got a rather strong sounding response from a guy called John. Which i thought it might be quite fun to respond to: The reason I write you off as another white “Arts-degree” imbecile: You compare the history and economics and politics and sociology [...]

Taboo Topics: Race – What I would love my white friends to hear: Meet Hulisani Khorombi

  Where on earth do I even start with this topic? “What I want my white friends to know” seems like such a direct attack to some of my closest friends and those who I am still to meet. I absolutely love my friends so how could I write this? Then I thought about how much I really want to say some things and I sat down to type this. First of all I come [...]

Taboo Topics: Race – What I would love my white friends to hear: Meet Tsholofelo Mpuru [part ii]

my friend Tsholo had a bit of a p.s. to her first share on racism and i felt like it warranted a post of its own so it didn't get lost - this is a 47 minute video but i encourage you to make some time and watch it because it is so powerful. i am a little scared that the choir will get it and everyone else will make excuses so try and watch [...]

a racism by any other name…

two days ago my bossman Darin told me about this story where a dad had picked up his young kid in the laundromat and stuffed him in a washing machine and closed the door [presumably as a joke or to teach him a lesson] but once the door locked the washing machine jumped into life and they couldn't stop it or get him out until someone who worked at the place ran up and unplugged [...]

why i hate cars

cars are stupid - i can prove it - they have been used to kill people - drunk drivers in cars have recklessly taken thousands of innocent lives in our country alone - old cars get rusty and dangerous because people often can't afford to give them proper maintainence and take them off the road when they should go - don't get me started on woman drivers - or men drivers - in fact we [...]

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oh shucks, you're racist!

so my good friend megan – who i used to watch bad movies with (not bad as in naughty, but we used to on occasion find something that would more than likely be awful and watch it and usually have one or two classic lines that would be private joke humour and that i would occasionally sneak into a sermon in church so megan would just break into raucous laughter and everyone would think she [...]

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