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Seven years anniversary reflections.

i considered titling this post "Seven years a slave" for the clickbait effect, but didn't for two reasons: [1] That would be horribly offensive to slaves and slavery and the ongoing pseudo-slavery that still happens in many places around the world. [2] That would be horribly offensive to marriage and married people. And especially tbV [the beautiful Val]. People who make jokes or digs or insinuations about marriage being like slavery or a prison sentence [...]

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Welcome to

Greetings and Welcome to - this has been a LONG time coming and huge thanks to my friends, Mandy Papenfus and Simon Streep, for helping me get to this point. The hope of a cleaner, crisper, fresher look for my blog as well as a space to add videos and book sales and other fun things when i get the chance. 2016 feels like it is going to be a significant year, specifically in [...]

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If you write it, they will come. Perhaps. Or not. They may not.

Being a bloggerist [as i like to call myself] can be a roller-coaster whirlwind of emotions, and often is.   The tension that exists between writing what you want to, what feels like it might be importantly significant, or giving in to the little red guy on your shoulder of page view stats where you slide into writing what the people want to hear. Sometimes those things line up and it is easy. Any time [...]

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What my Single Friends would like their Married Friends to know: Meet Chris Jacobs

Where do you even begin to describe the real challenges associated with singleness vs. marriage? I run the risk of making myself incredibly vulnerable by the detail I share in this post, but to most of your readers I am a “relative stranger”, so whilst there may be some risk, I believe sharing may benefit some and in turn out-weight the associated risk. I’ve been reading through your, and everybody else’s posts and have found [...]

Friendship – Thoughts and Stories and Words and Things

One of the most important relationships one can have is friendship. Family is family but you get to choose your friends, and all that. i have a crazy amount of good friends who i thoroughly appreciate and thought it necessary to have some posts looking at how we can make good friends as well as be good friends to those around us - i hope you enjoy: Cheering Section: The Art of Mentoring - I [...]

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To Be A Mum [she’s Australian!] – meet Bek Curtis

I am 'Mum' to three amazing biological children. Sir J, aged 14, Lady M aged 12 and Little Miss 7. You can stop pulling that face, these are not their real names, just how I refer to them in order to respect their future online identity and privacy. My initiation into motherhood didn't begin with a pretty white dress, two rings on my finger, a Christian husband who'd vowed to love me for life, or a [...]

Marriage Year 33: Meet Jo and Ollie Prentice

We met at UCT in 1975, followers of Christ and both students. Already - two keys to a long-lasting relationship - our Christian faith has held us in good times and difficulties; our keenness to learn and be curious about life, has kept our relationship interesting. After completing our degrees in Education and Librarianship , we decided to work for a year before making a firm choice to get married. So we had actually been [...]

Taboo Topics: Singleness – Meet Beverley Rufener

Love (along with dating and of course mating eek) is a complicated beast, even more so when you are a Christian trying to forge a life(style) for one in a world that feels like it’s mostly built for twos.  Navigating rights and wrongs can be enough to derail any fledgling flirtation and the pressure us singletons put on ourselves to ‘get things right’ can be so overwhelming at times because when really is the right [...]

Best of the Mash

So my other blog, The Weekly Mash [and Peace!] has been running for close to 3 months now and it's interesting to note what the most popular posts have been so far - as each day has a different theme i thought it would be good to look at the top performer for each day in terms of visits, reads and shares and so here they are: Monday = Fun Day - Humour: It amuses [...]

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Saturday Round Up: The week that was: Episode 7: of harmless chess pieces, cicadas, forgiveness poison and the importance of Together

Another week, another 'The Weekly Mash [and Peace!] - see what's been happening this week on the other side of my blog garage... Monday saw some Buttersafe cartoonage depicting the ridiculousness of chess pieces and the trap of the workplace Tuesday saw us take a look at the boy who couldn't be buried, the incoming plague and the no celebration relay team orders Wednesday saw some more cartoons with a simple yet powerful contrasting of [...]