Taboo Topic: Mental Illness – the tattoo

This post is from a good friend of mine who asked to remain anonymous. It is such a powerful glimpse into the behind-the-scenes struggles of someone struggling with mental illness and really gave me a lot to think about: there are lots of reasons why people get tattoos. I have two tattoos. They are a part of me. They express deep pain and have indescribable meaning to me. I love it when people ask me [...]

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Is it okay for a Christ-follower to get a tattoo? [Part I – Yes. And No!]

i have been asked this question a lot, from the Christ-following perspective of 'Is it okay for a Christian to get a tattoo or not?' And then yesterday i got my first one and so my opinion on the matter should be pretty easy to figure out. The one verse i am aware of that speaks of it directly, can be found in Leviticus 19.28 which i thought said, 'Do not cut your bodies for the dead,' [...]

Love Jesus and… grow a brain!

"the Bible says so!" end to an argument for a lot of people [who won't necessarily give you a book, chapter and verse to make it easier on you but are pretty convinced in their heads that because they think something is true then surely the Bible must say so] about a week ago i got involved in a 'discussion' on the 'book [the less quotable one] where a pastor had posted a statement made [...]

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