Even more ideas for parents during lockdown times

In South Africa, the lockdown is T minus two days... Parents of young children have a long twenty-one days ahead of them. Although around the world there are many places where children are at home and many adults are at home and so coming up with ideas becomes a challenge. Fortunately we got you covered. The past few days i have collected A LOT of ideas of different things for children and families to [...]

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Let a silver lining to these Corona times be discipline.

What a great time to work on discipline in the hope that it becomes habit before we return to the new normal.  We are living in a corona virus affected world. It is touching all of us. For the first time in a long, long time the entire world has found themselves on a similar page - this definitely affects different people in different ways depending on your job and economic situation and location, [...]

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Five practical ways to spend your Corona Virus practical-distancing time

In light of yesterday's corona virus post which gave some helpful information and strategy in terms of dealing with covid-19, i thought it might be helpful to drop some ideas for those of us who are trying to take this thing seriously without giving in to the panic: [1] Visit a Museum or take part in an online cultural experience: There are various online virtual tours you can take of museums and other cultural spaces [...]

Philippines Reflections: Disciplines

One of the biggest takeaways for me from our Philippines trip was finding some solid rhythms and disciplines. Particularly in the second month which we had put aside to write. Val found us a stunning spot in Honda Bay on Palawan Island and we moved in for a month. For me the main focus was on finishing the race book i had started a few years ago that had just been busied away into [...]

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Philippines Reflections: Traffic

A reflection from our time spent in the Philippines regarding traffic... My wife tbV [the beautiful Val] and i have just returned from a two-month trip to the Philippines which was pretty amazing. If you're interested in how that came about, you can read some of the story over here. i am hoping, however, to share a few thoughts and reflections from our time there and hopefully in not-too-long pieces that are easy to [...]

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Two flights and one journey

2019 has ended up being a year of two flights.' It has ended up being a lot of other things to be honest - and many of them not very nice, definitely the most difficult year i can remember out of the last 45 - but on either end of it a flight. The year started with an almost-out-of-nowhere gift of a flight back to Oakland where tbV and i lived for a year [...]

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Taking a spin with the Ford’s Driving Skills for Life team

Friday the 13th felt like a good date for putting my life in the hands of the Ford Driving Skills for Life team. Promised a range of activities from gravel track to skid pan to driving simulated under the influence of drink, drugs or distraction, a group of about 30 bloggers and influencers descended upon the Killarney race track in Tableview. If the welcome was anything to go by - we were greeted with [...]

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Black [teeth] Friday: The Marcel’s Way

Black Friday is not something you would typically associate with a frozen yoghurt brand. But when has Marcel's every been one to follow the trends? [as demonstrated recently with their unicorn-flavoured frozen yoghurt] This time, however, they decided to get super creative and really sink their teeth [and ours] into this risky yet intriguing flavour - black charcoal-infused, chocolate-flavoured frozen yoghurt. Call in the troops We called up good friends Ashley and Helene [...]

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16 Days of Activism for No Violence against Women and Children

The idea of 16 Days of Activism for No Violence against Women and Children seems crazy to me. When what we obviously need is 365.25 days of Activism for No Violence against women and children. But i get it. Because of the state and nature of the extremes of violence that are happening towards women and children, just drawing some attention and mobilising as many people as possible for more of a bite-sized chunk [...]

A visit to the Saartjie Baartman Centre for Women and Children

This week i received the gift of a visit to the Saartjie Baartman Centre for Women and Children. Thanks to some work i have done alongside Fair Cape Dairies, they informed me of a collaboration they are launching next week with the centre. i connected with the director Bernadine Bachar and she agreed to meet with me to give me an idea of what the centre is about and how they do what they [...]

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