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Race with Me: White Privilege – Intro

The second video in my Race with Me series takes a look at the big hairy mammoth-type creature in the room, namely "White Privilege" BUT BEFORE YOU RUN AWAY... take a moment to entertain the possibility that the idea of 'White Privilege' you are against may not be the same as the thing i am talking about: For more Race with Me videos, click here

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My Work: What do you do, exactly?

i get asked that question a lot. i won't say i dread it as much as i consistently seem to find myself coming up with creative ways of answering it. So depending when you ask me, "What do you do?" you might get a varied or improvisationalised answer. The current response is 'Freelance writer'. For an online magazine called 1Africa and you can find articles i have written for them over here [Moving beyond superficial [...]

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Top 5 Posts in 2015

This felt like a good year on the Irresistibly Fish blog. Every year WordPress sends out a Year in Review link that gives some of the stats of the year so you can see how you’ve done and this year their opening comment was this: […]

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10 Things i Don’t Understand

If ever a post was going to get me into trouble, this is probably it. i'm not talking directly about things that i hate or completely judge [although, perhaps some of them] but by and large and firstly things i simply do not understand. Things my brain can't get around. Things that don't make sense to me. And maybe they make sense to you and that's okay - maybe some of them shouldn't and possibly [...]

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Highlight Moment from my life #63 – Hair

It is a fairly strange thing for a guy to list ‘Hair’ as one of the 100 highlights of his life, unless you’re David Beckham and have David Bekham type hair i guess? But for me, it’s been an extension [ha!] of my personality and a way for me to express myself in many various ways and so definitely deserves to be on this list. […]

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The eleRAphantCE in the room…

i have a good friend called Megan Furniss and we like to make things up. a lot! Megan was responsible for pretty much bringing Improv to Cape Town in the form of TheatreSports [now Improguise: Players of TheatreSports] which quickly became Cape Town's longest running and much loved show. And best kept secret, it seems at some times, although at the moment we are doing some highly experimental and completely fun shows [different formats every [...]

Taboo Topics: Vegetarianism – Meet Mary Twin Enslin

10 things vegetarians are sick of hearing / your vegetarian friends want you to know I became a vegetarian on my ninth birthday. This usually elicits shock and the assumption that I am vegetarian because of my family / culture / religious beliefs. But, no – I was just a child who was interested in where my food came from and when I knew the facts eating meat (read meat, fish, poultry) didn’t make sense [...]

Taboo Topics: Vegetarianism – Meet Abi Ornellis

Why I’m [kind of, mostly] a vegetarian. Let me start off by saying that I like eating animals. In my early university days, I probably ate a bacon sandwich at least four times a week. This was on top of my regular meat-with-every-meal intake. I come from an Italian family. Growing up in South Africa, these two cultural combinations meant that meat was always very high on the meal priority list. But it has been [...]

The Ice King, the Energiser Bunny and some fingers on a stick.

Imagine waking up one morning and going online and seeing a semi-naked-sprawled-out-on-the-bed-alongside-your-Improv-friend picture of yourself circling the internet... Cause for panic, right? You'd think so, unless the picture was this one: Which i woke up to a week or so ago and was like 'Holy Crapamole, what's my wife going to think?' Fortunately tbV was awake and laughing at it in the other room and so we just jumped on the banned wagon and helped spread [...]