Have you read ‘i, church’?

For anyone who doesn't know, last year i self-published a book called 'i, church'. On the back cover of the book there is a bit of a summation and part of it reads like this: To those of you who believe church is the worst thing ever: You're right! To those of you who believe church is the best thing ever: You're right! i call this book, 'i, church' because more than a building or [...]

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Who am i reading? [2015]

i love to read. i was challenged a couple of years ago by the idea of diversifying the voices that i invited to speak into my life. For me that related mostly to books as i don’t tend to find the time slash bandwidth to do much podcast listening, but it would apply to both. […]

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Why i believe local church is not all of the answer

In Acts 7 in the bible, we read about the stoning of Stephen. Does anyone know what role Stephen had in the early church? Let me give you a clue: In Acts 6.5 we see him described as "a man full of faith and the Holy Spirit". So what did he do? Are we thinking pastor? Elder? Worship leader? Let me give you another clue: In Acts 6.8 we read that Stephen was "a man [...]

‘i, church’ – Searching for the Pulse of the Church

This year, the book i wrote, 'i, church' was published and you can read more about that over here. But being Sunday where many people around the world will be using that somewhat confusing statement of 'going to church' i thought it would be a good idea to post an extract from my book, particularly one aimed at all of the people who think church may be dying or already dead. SEARCHING FOR THE PULSE [...]

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‘i, church’ – Let’s hear from from Steve Graybill

My good friend Steve Graybill from Americaland, who has written for my blog before both on his strength weakness [which he identified, ironically enough, as a thirst for knowledge] and also on Sex in Marriage recently bought a copy of my book, 'i, church' on Amazon. He had some questions and thoughts which he shared with me via email and i asked him if he would write them into a post so that we could get more people [...]

‘i, church’ – gather round for conversations about church

For those of you who have been following the book launch tour we have now had four different launches: one at Vovo Telo and one at the Warehouse in Cape Town, one out Stellenbosch way and recently another in Durban.   What i have discovered along the way is that my favourite part at every single launch was the Q & A time we scheduled in the middle of it. Opportunities for people [...]

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Book Launch Round 4: Durban

This was the 4th book launch i have done for 'i, church' and the first one in Durban. And what another incredible evening it was. Firstly, we decided to do a small change with this one and focus on the Q & A aspect of the evening which was a highlight for me from each of the previous launches. And as a bonus, i got the chance to preach at 3 Westville Baptist church services [...]

Locked in a Cave – part ii

Yesterday was just a half day in the cave. Today was meant to be a full day, but i am having an early morning breakfast with the staff of Westville Baptist who are pretty much all friends of mine so that feels like a pleasant interruption to the day. And then later i do have an airport trip to make which will end with me having access to the hired car which is great for tomorrow [...]

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Locked in a Cave – part i

i flew to durban with four main purposes in mind: The first was to visit and surprise my younger sister Dawn and spend some time with her Glen and my nephew Josh [i am Uncle Fish and i am cool] and some of my really great friends from years and years. The second was to do some networking for The Youth Hub which is my two-day-per-week job, writing 100 words or less youth resources and sending them [...]

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