re: Move One Million

The Move One Million Facebook group has organised a nationwide march today, on the 5th of September 2020. Why is the 2020 significant, you may ask? Well, South Africa and the world happens to be in the throes of a global pandemic that to date has killed more than eight hundred thousand people [including fourteen thousand in South Africa]. That alone should be cause for concern. But tuning in to watch a maskless Move [...]

#ImStaying, but…

You're saying #ImStaying but you're playingIf you're not also up forwailing against the flailing arms and bodies broken words spokenlives tokenconstant pokingembers smokingam i joking?No! i don't expect you'll understandIn fact you cannot hear because your head is in the sand[But the moment that i pointed that out, Boom! i was banned!] That move was my prerogativeYou were not being positiveWe try to keep it light in hereSo don't come bring your slight in hereThe negatives just disappearAnd colourblindness [...]

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Criticism vs Critique and why we absolutely HAVE to ask the questions.

A lot of people seem to confuse the words 'Critique' and 'Criticism' and i thought it would be helpful to try to set the record straight. Certainly in light of the rise of #ImStaying with all of its positive vibes but hesitation to dive into deep conversations.  Where any kind of questioning of this brings censoring, ridicule or ejection from the group. Anyone who has tried to ask meaningful questions about some of the [...]

Why i joined Conversations for a Just South Africa

There is a new group on Facebook that i am a part of called Conversations for a Just South Africa.  At the moment there are around 1500 people in the group and climbing every day. Which may not seem super exciting to many people when a group like #ImStaying arrived on the scene just a couple of weeks ago and is on the way to 500 000 people. Conversations is not a group that [...]

#ImStaying but i am committing to doing the work…

This has been an interesting week which started with the explosion that was #ImStaying bursting on to the scene. In response to what was happening in the group and some feelings of uncomfortable that a growing number of people were having, i made this Facebook Live video sharing my thoughts. Then i wrote a piece called 'The Rise and Flaw of #ImStaying' which has been my most visited post of the year and which [...]

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