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Taboo Topics: Race – Mixed Race Connections – Meet Wendy and Xylon Van Eyck

[Disclaimer: while in Americaland, the term “coloured” is a strongly negative term, in South Africa there is a unique group of people who have come from a heritage of different cultures but now have developed their own distinct culture. They are neither black nor white, nor are they mixed race, and they would call themselves ‘coloured'.] Marriage and Melanin “You are the most beautiful girl I have ever seen. We will make it through this.” The [...]

Taboo Topics: Race – Identity: What makes me me? Meet Caley Daniels

What a shock some of you reading this will get when you discover that my dad, yes, my biological father, is coloured. “But you look so white!” many have noted. Well done. It is true – I am a mixed baby, although I got the paler skin of our mother while my brother has many a time been compared to a Mexican. We’ve heard some interesting guesses of our ethnicity over the years: Portuguese, Brazilian, [...]

Taboo Topics: Race – Mixed Race Connections – Meet Beth Lee Jooste and Ockerd Ojay Langeveldt [Engaged]

Hi brett. I saw you put up a request for inter- racial relationship stories: here's a bit of mine: in 150 days i'm marrying my best friend and the love of my life. He is coloured and i'm white and we are the best for each other. When I look at him I don't see my culture or his - I see two people working out life with a different approach and mentality... this goes [...]

Taboo Topics: Race – Mixed Race and Culture Connections

As we have started talking about different aspects of Race on my blog, one area that quickly came to mind was that of mixed race/culture relationships. Hard to believe that this was illegal when i was growing up. And that it was normal for it to be so. And even when it wasn't, it took a bit of a while for it to become more of a regular [less stared at] thing and so i imagine [...]

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