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Imagine with me a world that is not [yet]

i am busy reading a book called 'The Prophetic Imagination' for my Leadership in Urban Transformation studies course and this passage jumped out at me: 'The prophet is the one, who, by use of these tools of hope, contradicts the presumed world of the kings, showing both that that presumed world does not square with the facts and that we have been taught a lie and have believed it because the people with the hardware [...]

Quickest way to get rich [legally]

  Want to get rich quick? i'm not particularly interested in it, but i know a lot of people who are.   Well i have discovered a way to legitimately become rich and it is a lot simpler than anything you might have imagined. Don't be nervous. It's not a pyramid scheme or a get-rich-quick internet scandal or anything like that. In fact this is a lot simpler and quicker than either of those.   [...]

Why i Love Being Rich

Mumford and Fish These are three of my best friends: Dunc, Majay and Rob. And missing from that pic is Reegs who is also one of my longest life buddies. And of course my wife, the beautiful Val [aka tbV, which so many of you keep thinking stands for The Lovely Val because of, um, the B, obviously] who made this photo [taken at my 40th after these clowns performed a satirical rendition [...]

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your wealth is my poverty but his just getting by

do you see yourself as rich? i would imagine probably not if i had to put myself on a wealth scale i would probably rate myself as below average i would compare myself to the people i know who have so much more than me - own houses, better cars, holiday house, huge screen television, able to fly overseas on holiday (or even have lavish comfortable holidays here), more impressive toys and so on would [...]

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two of the questions

that i am grappling with lately: one of them is taking the incredible life-transforming simple-gospel stuff we are reading about in books like Shane Claiborne's 'The Irresistible Revolution' and Erwin McManus 'an unSTOPPABLE force' and Rich Stearns 'The Hole in the Gospel' and even going back to the legen....dary Keith Green's 'No Compromise' story and not just being excited and 'challenged' and 'changed' by it, and not just talking about it and maybe looking down [...]

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