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21 votes of confidence

Jacob Zuma is still the president. Not too many surprises there i don't think, although the 21 vote margin may have been a lot closer than many people suspected. But it certainly was no Brexit or Trump sideswipe [maybe we're saving that for 2019!] and the result of the vote of no confidence certainly revealed some things. While we try to figure out what that means and doesn't mean, here is a repeat of yesterday's [...]

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who i voted for…

i am busy trying to get inspired to write some more of my book which looks like it is heading towards the end quadrant of it's being writtenment [just for you, Lisa!] and i have half an eye on Twitter where @sharnefinn and @mattnixonjames are keeping me well upto date on how well the DA is doing most places... my other half eye and click finger keep bouncing to the game of which has [...]

the Malema files, part REALLY?

so the other day Julius Malema in a speech at the University of Johannesburg sings a song with the lyrics 'kill the boers (farmer), they are rapists' the next day an ANC spokesman Jackson Mthembu (interviewed in his jail cell after being arrested for drunk driving) says the lyrics of the song has been quoted out of context - if you don't look at the song in its entirety, then you lose the meaning (cos [...]

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Not on my lemur's watch!

ah so he’s at it again, my good fiend Julius Malema this time there’s rumours of him receiving a bunch of business tenders for his companies from the government. basically a case of you scratch my back, I fill your account and the initial comment from Mr Julius is that he is receiving no money except his salary. and then the newspaper had quoted his salary as being R20 000 and his only comment on [...]

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the julius dil-(en)-emma

hm, okay this is so soon after my 'learn something new about jacob zuma so i can maybe see him as a person' post but after the last few days (building on the last year) wow i just struggle with Julius Malema and maybe need to meet up with his mom or close friend or something because he... like really? REALLY? like... ghah! i don't understand why the ANC tolerate him - to be honest [...]

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