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There’s a new podcast in town [almost]: Preview of Stuff Hitting Fans

i have a friend called Wayne Eaves. i'm a big fan. Wayne has been an incredible encouragement, in particular, this last year as he manages to get the timing perfectly right to send me an irreverent cartoon or a hilarious video clip or challenging article about life and faith and the world. He nails it pretty much every time and he knows just where to push the buttons. Most importantly Wayne keeps it real. i [...]

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Of work and things.

i thought it might be helpful or interesting to some of you who read my blog to know what i am up to. For the longest time i have been largely unemployed - officially since November when the horrible online Christian article platform i was writing for finally pulled the plug after three years, after a last six months of increasingly irritating and unprofessional changes which completely schnied [what a great word!] the writers. So [...]

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Words of ‘i don’t hate my skin’

The other day i tried my hand at a kind of spoken word piece with the title, 'i don't hate my skin' which you can watch over here. But i thought some of you might appreciate having a closer look at the words and here they are.   i don't hate my skin - by brett "Fish" anderson   I don’t hate my skin. The thought seems quite ridiculous. How could I possibly hate something [...]

i don’t hate my skin

For some reason this stuff seems to be on my mind. The other day i wrote a poem called 'Whiteness' which you can read over here. And i have a piece that i wrote when i was helping out with an exam the other day while waiting for my learner to write her paper. Which i haven't looked at again, but similar theme. And then i was working on this piece. i would love to [...]

Is there meaning in what i do?

In about an hour or so i am going to head off to a local school to read a Maths exam to a pupil with a learning disability or challenge. While for me it is largely about having some kind of way of bringing in some money in, during a time when i have been mostly unemployed [since about November when i stopped the official freelance writing i was doing for that awful 'Christian' online [...]

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Endless Questions and the answers Brett Fish gives to them

All the things you [n]ever wanted to know about me? Well i'm not sure about that or if this is just my friend Ger Bear's way of getting back at me for calling her "Ger Bear" but before you dive in you should totally head on over to Geraldine Walsh's blog over here especially if you're a mom or a parent because she has a really honest and open writing style and i think she's great. [...]

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Poem: pushing back

try as you might you just can't seem to push open the lid of this cardboard box they have you trapped in doesn't make sense though as cardboard should not be such a worthy adversary yet here you are time to sit back and take a moment to try and remember how this all came to be how you ended up passing time doing time when they was no crime not one you can remember [...]

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The art of having an opinion… via Survey

Some of you may have seen that i put up a survey the other day on Facebook... [If not, there is probably still a little bit of time as it was only up for a day and i don't know how to extend that -] i was chatting to my good buddy Dreadlock Mike on the Whatsapp [it bothers me so much that Whatsapp has an 'H' in it for some reason] the other [...]

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Poem: The Block

i want to write but i cannot because there is a big block upon my desk not sure what it is made of it is just there sitting nonchalantly as if it owns the place [can a rock sit nonchalantly? this one can. or so it seems]   i have tried writing around it but it consumes all the space and leaves little room around the edges for even a feeble scribble or a nuanced [...]

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Beware the Ides of 2017

To 2017 and beyond... i imagine this might come as a surprise to some people... or maybe not. But in the last week or so i've had a strong sense that God has been telling me that i need to get a little more hectic in 2017. You might not agree with this if you were one of the people who responded with a strongly worded response to my 'The Passion of the Chris' blog [...]