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The Bad Habits of Jesus, part Dangerous

i am busy reading [and really enjoying] Leonard Sweet's 'The Bad Habits of Jesus'. People who know me well, will get that one of the reasons i am really enjoying it is because it is not a wade - the words are straightforward and simple even if the concepts are not. But today, when i've been feeling completely in a funk and when i was in desperate need of some inspiration and belief, i read [...]

Happy Jesus Day!

Happy Jesus day everybody.   i know [and understand] why a lot of you are not big fans of Christianity, but i encourage you to let go of all the negativity you feel towards it and the concept of God you might have [if it's a doesn't exist or vengeful wrathful angry God or uninterested puppetmaster or only loves white people or something else] and spend a little bit of time simply looking at Jesus... [...]

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Easter Sunday: a re-new-ed hope

For followers of Jesus, today is the most important day. If Easter Sunday didn't happen, then everything we believe changes. Don't get me wrong, if Jesus had just been a good man who had come and lived the life He lived, i still think it would be worth following Him. The man who preached enemy love, who reached out and touched and spoke to and welcomed in the marginalised and the sick and the uninvited, [...]

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Jesus Feminist: Part Unwelcome Questions

So i recently finished reading the book Jesus Feminist by one of my favourite writery people, Sarah Bessey and thought i should share some of the highlight/challenging/interesting moments for me: In chapter three, titled 'Tangled-Up Roots', Sarah starts the chapter with this great George Carlin quote: Scratch any cynic and you will find a disappointed idealist And then, speaking from a time when she was employed full-time and realising that women's ministry was largely aimed [...]

A Good Day To Die

When Jesus walked the earth, He called many people to follow Him. And the crowds showed up. He spoke Truth and Life. He reached out to those at the margins, which in His day included women and children, Samaritans [the foreigner], the diseased and more... He performed miracles... He saved lives people were wanting to kill and He even raised some people from the dead. And the crowds cheered and pushed to get closer to [...]

The Koeksuster of Faith [or What Happens when i doubt?] – part II

So yesterday i took a bit of a look at the idea of doubt from the perspective of being someone who is a follower of Jesus. Is it okay to doubt? Is doubt helpful? Should we be overly worried if there is a lot of doubt in our lives? Sadly, i was not able to arrive at a simple tick-the-box solution. This area seems to be a bit of a complex one. Which is okay. [...]

The Koeksuster of Faith [or What Happens when i doubt?] – part I

A while back someone asked me to write a blog post or series about Doubt and i already had this post's heading sitting in my draft box waiting to be written. So today i try to write it... ...and was doing really well... least until i Uncle Googled what the bible had to say about doubt which totally threw my argument on its head. But let me share it anyway - maybe you're smarter than [...]

Easter: wrestling with Jesus [a reblog of my good friend, Bruce Collins]

Bruce Collins is one of my best friends in the category of 'people i have hardly spent any time with at all' - our spirits seem to connect strongly when it comes to God and life and relationships and things and i just love his passion and wrestling and honesty... he has a great gift for writing too which is why i am reblogging this post of his which feels like something i could have [...]

Mark, my words: Jesus sleeping through the storm.

With this one we finish chapter four and with that the first quarter of the Gospel of Mark. In this passage we take a look at Jesus who has fallen fast asleep while everyone else seems to be panic'ing about the furious storm that is raging around them. Take a watch as i speak about Mark 4 verse 35 to 41. to see the next video which deals with Jesus freeing the man possessed by [...]

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the obstacle or the opportunity? a question of perspective

i'd love to make this sound like the cool kind of parable Jesus would have used, but i don't think i can. but if it was a fairy-tale type story it would begin with something sounding like 'Once upon a time...' and very quickly end up at the place of 'Brett looked at the path and it was blocked by the giant obstacle. He didn't know what to do next.' and depending on your perspective [...]

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