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On the search for South African worship vibes

What does it mean to worship as a South African? As an African? Is there any difference to worshipping in any other place in the world? We do tend to import our worship songs from Americaland [Bethel, Jesus Culture], the United Kingdom [Redman, Tomlin, Hughes] and Australia [Hillsongs, Planetshakers] and if worship is just worship then that should be fine, right? i posed this question and questions like it in this Facebook Live video that [...]

When the tears fall [worship song by tim hughes]

i have not met Tim Hughes personally, but i was once in a room with him [and quite a large room at that] it was on a trip to visit my sister Sue and her family in a town called Rancho Cucamonga near LA which must have been 2006 or 2008 and i organised my ticket so i could stop over in London long enough to take the bus to visit some friends in Holland [...]

who would win a fight between matt redman [never once did we walk alone] and john ellis [formerly of tree63]?

i've been blogging for a little over two years now and i enjoy having a space to write my thorts or share my actions or be seriously silly or intriguingly insightful and a whole host of other stuff in between... and in that time it is the stuff i've written on relationships that has been the most widely read... so from 'How to Love Your Woman Better' to keys to 'having a good marriage [ideas [...]

never once did we walk alone [new matt redman]

i have met matt redman [worship leader, song writer] on two occasions - on the first i was a chop christian radio presenter trying to be clever and yet no matter how many times i asked him if he was a vegetable what would he be and what superpower he would dig to have, all matty wanted to do was speak about Jesus... the second time was at the Soul Survivor festival in Holland [and [...]

get to know your south african musos, part nick groves [pt ii]

my interview with local-born muso nick groves continues... Q:In the one track i listened to i'm pretty sure i heard some white-man-rap? guest artist or mister nick groves branching out? and where'd that come from? [i was secretly pretty impressed] A: :) ...I've always enjoyed poetry - mostly at high school - song writing flows out of that but rap is the modern day poem. (After all - it an abbreviation for Rhythm And Poetry). [...]

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