More Parenting ideas from non-parents

So yesterday's post looking at Parenting Ideas from non-parents generated a lot of healthy conversation. i had a few more people share some more ideas and while me sharing them is not an endorsement to all of the ideas [this is honestly meant to be some input to reflect on, consider, see if there is any good worth holding on to] there are some things here that i really think are helpful. And so parentals, [...]

Parenting ideas from non-parents

Do people without children have any wisdom to offer parents who do? That was the question i asked in this post earlier this week, which met with mostly positive response. i also asked friends on Facebook if any of them had any advice to pass on to parents and this is what i received: Leah Rudman: Ok, I like this a LOT. So I'm director of a Childcare centre so I look after 71 children [...]

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Taboo Topic: Tantrums – Meet Kirby and Sean Greathead

So this post by my friend Sean’s wife, Kirby, is a little bit different [was an eye-opener for me] as it differentiates between Tantrums and Meltdowns and i would love to hear some response to this from other parents who have maybe never thought about this before. She posted this under the title ‘Moment on Meltdowns’ on her blog ‘Niggles and Giggles’ which i have links to at the end, so go and see what [...]

Taboo Topic: Tantrums – Meet Leigh Geary

This is a piece that was shared with me by Leigh Geary but which originally was published on her blog, The Mom Diaries under the title, 'The Terrible Twos: Am I being punished for all my sins?' Lets talk about the terrible two’s shall we? Holy Moley! I think I’m about to lose my shit in a big way but lets face it that would just be teaching him that tantrums and inappropriate behavior are [...]

Taboo Topic: Tantrums – Meet Wendy Lewin

For the past 3 weeks, Masi has really been struggling to go to sleep. And when I talk about Masi struggling, I don’t mean that he just lies in his bed and plays with his fingers and can’t doze off – I mean he jumps out of bed and slams the door repeatedly, he pulls the curtains down, he opens his cupboard and flings all his clothes around the floor, he jumps on his sister [...]

Taboo Topic: Tantrums – Meet Candice D’Arcy

[Candice is one of my oldest [as in time spent together] Improv friends and now that she has moved to Australia i am realising how much i miss not having her around… but she has written an excellent post which i’m sure is going to resonate with and encourage many of you so here goes…] Because I am going through a challenging phase with my teenaged daughter and many of my friends are having babies [...]

Taboo Topics: Parents of young children – Meet Terran and Julie [and their 5!]

My friends Terran and Julie Williams were going about life with their three delightful children, sharing regular stories of funny statements and learnt lessons and chaotic moments, when suddenly the news of a 4th child on the way... and then further news that their 4th was a set of twins... If you think three young children is hard, try to get your head around five! Terran shared this piece on Facebook yesterday and gave me [...]

The Parent Tip [aka Some ideas that might help you raise your child]: With Melissa Hertz

These are some ideas that Melissa Hertz shared on her blog which you can find over here that she graciously allowed me to reblog for this series: Motherhood has stretched me… stretched my skin, my womb, my patience and the way I think. Motherhood has made me grow and I have learned a few lessons along the way. Here are my most valuable lessons so far. 1. I have learned that every child is completely unique.  Unfortunately [...]

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To Be A Dad – meet Dave Gale

To be a Dad I’m heading towards 50, a father to a 19yo son Dylan, and an 18yo daughter Brynn.  I lost my dad this year and I miss him terribly.  I seem to have done a fairly good job of fathering my kids if other people’s unsolicited comments are anything to go by.  There are a good few things I regret not having done, but very few I regret doing. Here are some of [...]

To Be A Dad – Meet John ‘Zippy’ Benn

Every morning for the past 8 months I have woken up and at least one thing is the same as the day before and as the day to follow... I am a dad. My wife and I received the incredible blessing of our little girl, Cori Rose Benn, at around 13:00 on Wednesday 26 February 2014. Something I have always wanted to be is a dad. Since almost as long as I can remember I [...]

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