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Taboo Topics: Parents of young children – Meet Hilary Mushambi

I’m. So. Tired. And I’m scared. Scared to admit how hard I find it. Scared to let people in to see my struggle. Scared of the judgment I expect to see. Because I knew motherhood would be hard. But I never expected it to be like this. It’s like boot camp. You get dumped in the deep end and you learn to swim through it, while somehow in the process you earn entry into the [...]

Parenting ideas from non-parents

Do people without children have any wisdom to offer parents who do? That was the question i asked in this post earlier this week, which met with mostly positive response. i also asked friends on Facebook if any of them had any advice to pass on to parents and this is what i received: Leah Rudman: Ok, I like this a LOT. So I'm director of a Childcare centre so I look after 71 children [...]

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Community Parenting: Advice from those who don’t have children. [Intro]

Do i as a person without children have anything of worth to offer as advice to those who do? This blog post or mini series comes out of an article i wrote for 1Africa this morning, titled, 'Other People's Children: An offer of help' with the bottom line being that i do believe we might have something to offer. Which led to me posting this as my status on Facebook: For ANYONE WHO DOESN'T HAVE ANY CHILDREN, [...]

Seven years anniversary reflections.

i considered titling this post "Seven years a slave" for the clickbait effect, but didn't for two reasons: [1] That would be horribly offensive to slaves and slavery and the ongoing pseudo-slavery that still happens in many places around the world. [2] That would be horribly offensive to marriage and married people. And especially tbV [the beautiful Val]. People who make jokes or digs or insinuations about marriage being like slavery or a prison sentence [...]

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When switching from my old website to my new one, not everything made the jump and so i am creating this as a base page to stick helpful links about Relationships in various shapes and forms. i have had some incredible people write some super helpful posts on topics ranging from Singleness to Dating to Engagement to Marriage to being Parents of young children when it's not particularly easy and more. Hopefully soon i will [...]

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Taboo Topic: Tantrums – Meet Kirby and Sean Greathead

So this post by my friend Sean’s wife, Kirby, is a little bit different [was an eye-opener for me] as it differentiates between Tantrums and Meltdowns and i would love to hear some response to this from other parents who have maybe never thought about this before. She posted this under the title ‘Moment on Meltdowns’ on her blog ‘Niggles and Giggles’ which i have links to at the end, so go and see what [...]

Taboo Topic: Tantrums [Intro]

i don't have children, but i have lived among them. i can imagine that one of the scariest things for a parent [after safety/health issues] must be that moment when your young child throws themselves on the floor in the middle of the local supermarket [did i mention it's end of the month busy packed shopping day?] and starts to scream and froth at the mouth. i don't know that all children have tantrums, but [...]

Marriage Year 10: Meet Lu-Shane and Marco Alexander

When I was young, I always dreamed of being married & having children. Today I am a proud wife & mother of 2 beautiful boys. Its is only by the grace of God that we are now able to celebrate our 10 year wedding anniversary on the 1st May 2014. As with any marriage, there are many challenges and yes most of them not easy, but even though we were caught up in our problems [...]

Marriage Year 7: Meet Bradley and Vicky Jones

My Wife’s name is Vicky and My name is Bradley. We have been married for 6 years. The first couple of years of marriage were fairly easy. We got married and two weeks later had to relocate for work. So it was just us which in the beginning was good, after a few years we added kids and then really started to miss our family and the “extra hands” they would be able [...]