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A Christmas Carol Parody Music Video story…

Make a Christmas Carol Parody Lockdown Music Video, they said. It will be fun, they said. Okay, so no-one actually suggested i make a Christmas Carol Parody Lockdown Music Video and it actually was quite a lot of fun and especially hearing and reading people's comments and feedback has been quite delightful to this point, but still. What was i thinking? With an extremely sore neck [Danny Glover in 'Lethal Weapon' was right!] and [...]

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Rethinking Christmas

Christmas is always the one time of the year that brings joy to people. Well, some people. Which is why i want to invite you to join with me and others in rethinking Christmas. Let's be completely intentional and creative in the way we celebrate Christmas this year. And let's do it in a way that reaches more people and causes a lot less waste. Presents How often has Christmas become that pressure [...]

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Christmas in July

2019 has been a little bit rough for these Andersons. It started in January when the day after my birthday i tapped a BMW with our Getz which did R12000 damage to our little Hyundai which pretty much folded up and the people with the BMW even remarked when they sent me the picture of the back of their car that you couldn't see the damage in the photo. Their insurance company thought differently [...]

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The Christ Mass

For me, Christmas is a reminder that Love came down. Love got its hands dirty. Love got involved. Love interrupted the normal flow of things. Love reached out specifically to all of those that society, culture, religion and government pushed to the sides. Love allowed itself to be interrupted while on mission. Love called out injustice. Love refused to accept the status quo. Love turned over tables in the face of greed and extortion. Love [...]

Let’s make this Christmas the best one yet

Those who know me well know that one of the ways i count the success of a year is how late in the year i hear my first Christmas Carol [holding thumbs - still not there!] But looks like i am the 'there is always one' this time around as we have barely crawled our way into October and i am already bringing up Christmas? Well, i know not everyone is a champion leave-it-all-for-the-night-before-and-then-go-on-a-panic-shopping-spree guy [...]

Terry Pratchett on achieving world peace…

i recently finished reading Terry Pratchett's 'A Slip of the Keyboard: Reflections on Life, Death and Hats'.  For anyone who might live in a sucking vacuum, Terry Pratchett was my favourite fiction author and most memorably creator of the Discworld series of which there are 41 amazing books. Sho, it's hard to believe it's coming up to two years since he passed away in his sleep after struggling with Alzheimer's and this book is a [...]

How do we harness the Christmas/New Year’s Shalom?

Shalom means completeness, wholeness, health, peace, welfare, safety soundness, tranquility, prosperity, perfectness, fullness, rest, harmony, the absence of agitation or discord. Shalom comes from the root verb shalom meaning to be complete, perfect and full. [Strong's Concordance] i was thinking about this on our recent camping trip in the Cederberg. How is it that everyone is peaceful and loving and kind on Christmas Day... and then again on New Year's Eve? And then they're not...? [...]

Happy Jesus Day!

Happy Jesus day everybody.   i know [and understand] why a lot of you are not big fans of Christianity, but i encourage you to let go of all the negativity you feel towards it and the concept of God you might have [if it's a doesn't exist or vengeful wrathful angry God or uninterested puppetmaster or only loves white people or something else] and spend a little bit of time simply looking at Jesus... [...]

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Be intentional this Christmas

"Always give someone else the best slice." Wow, that doesn't sound like me. Except maybe sometimes when i'm with my wife. But also even sometimes not. And actually it's not me, it's my good friend Dalene Reyburn, who wrote this super helpful piece, 'How to feast and not get fat this festive season: 20 small ideas.' There is some really good stuff in there, like: If you can, determine to give away at least half [...]

Carpe Momentum: Seize the Moments

What a powerful end to 2015! At the end of most normal years, if there is such a thing, i imagine tbV and i would have tried to find a few days off to just chill and recover from what has been a busy, crazy, challenging, great and difficult year. But this year we decided to finish strong. And that has made all the difference. […]

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