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Taboo Topics: Losing a baby – meet Jennifer and Allyn Harris Dault

A friend of mine connected me to Jennifer's blog posts which she has just written and they are deeply moving and heart-breaking, but at the same time I think it can be so powerful for those who are going through a similiar journey to be connected in some way to others who have also walked or are walking this road. I really appreciate her willingness to let me repost her blog and encourage you to [...]

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Taboo Topics: Cancer [Intro]

Cancer is a beast! it used to be this far off distant disease that you heard about and was pretty scary, but i'll bet you most people these days know someone who has been through it, is currently suffering from it or undergoing treatment, or knows a number of people who have died from it. my gran, Doris Anderson, died of skin-cancer related issues. as did my uncle David Anderson. and then just recently my [...]

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a kiss before dying

my cousin Laura died two days ago. she was 30. recently married. then cancer reared its ugly head. absolute tragedy. just before she went into hospital i did get to send her an email and let her know that i loved her and was praying for her and her family and hoping for a miracle from God [which sadly never happened, not how i was hoping anyways] so it was really sad, but there was [...]

oncoming traffic and other near depth experiences

so ja, last nite we had a theatresports show at kalk bay which was all cool and delightful and a bunch of fun (except maybe the two quite morbid but particularly brilliant dramatic one minute challenge games we played - whole nother level) and then i started driving back home to the beautiful val as i do... when i came to a roadworks part of the road but with no one manning (or womenning) it [...]

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i'd rather you were an atheist than a 'christian'

so, once we get past the mindless comments of people responding to the blog title and not actually reading it, what am i on about? if you haven't read my other blog about the christians choosing to become atheist ( i would suggest you begin there, cos this is a (s)equal of sorts... so in the context of finding out that one of my church peoples had turned atheist over the varsity holidays, i have [...]

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no aye for an knife

i attended a funeral last nite for one of my ex youth guys (well a pre-funeral actually as the funeral is on saturday but this was called a 'roer diens?' or something and was an opportunity to celebrate his life and give testimony) who was stabbed to death on the weekend tbV and i were two of about 4 white people in a hall filled with coloured people fromJamestown where he lived and where it [...]

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