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Poem: There is no “I” in death

If you are looking for someone who actively supported apartheid You will always be faced with a quiet room The sudden hush of the crickets who rapidly flick their eyes around the room Desperately hoping somebody else will claim responsibility for that one   For a new nation to be born out of the ashes of the old one Something needed to die Systems, structures, attitudes and behaviours…   “Even words?” The fifty-eight year old [...]

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Some more thoughts on #BlackMonday and #AllDeathsMatter

Yesterday i shared a whole bunch of thoughts - mine and others - about the concept of #BlackMonday and wearing black to honour the lives of farmers who have died. Two statuses i added later in the day, which many may not have seen, but which i think sum up some of my thoughts on the matter were this one: People who have been murdered on farms is heart-breaking and horrific and i imagine that [...]

When sickness or tragedy strikes…

Sometimes well-meaning people do bad things. Let’s work together to not be one of those… i have two good friends who have recently faced different kinds of grief – one is desperately sick at the moment and the other lost his mom a couple of weeks back. They are surrounded by a lot of well-meaning people. Which sounds like a good thing. But sometimes it’s not. Here are a few things i’ve learnt/observed: […]

Noel Fielding, Wes Craven and How i Became an Accidental Murderer on the Weekend

tbV and i were watching 'The Big Fat Anniversary Quiz of the Year' last night as we had some internet to use up before the end of the month [and it all got eaten by the Invisible Internet-Data-Eating Monster] when suddenly Russel Brand and Noel Fielding [in top form in terms of doing fairly little resembling traditional quiz participation] had this moment where they caught a fly, who they named Chris, and then released it. They claimed [...]

Taboo Topics: Dealing with the grief of losing someone you love – Meet Dimakatso Lukhele

This is a post Dimakatso posted on the Education Ambassador's blog which you can find over here, but she gave me permission to post it in this section as well, sharing the story of someone who lost a best friend in Claire: The 7th of April is fast approaching and I’m already feeling a wave of emotions that sometimes cannot be adequately explained. When I feel like this, I know prayer helps and another remedy would be [...]

Taboo Topics: Dealing with the grief of losing someone you love – Meet Tarryn Patel

  Nothing can prepare you for that moment when your perfect world is shattered into 1000’s of little pieces. When you receive that phone call to say that a part of your heart ‘”didn’t make it”… My sister, first team swimmer had drowned in a freak accident, walking around our pool, having a seizure, falling in and waking up in the arms of Jesus. Lauren and I were more than just sisters, we were the [...]

Taboo Topics: Dealing with the grief of losing someone you love – Intro

Grief is such a huge and too often taboo topic, possibly because different people grieve in different ways and so it is often hard to know what to say or do when someone has lost someone they love. We have already looked at some powerful stories from people who have lost a baby and those who have lost a child, but what about someone who has lost a person who has been in their life [...]