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How to grow from conflict

Do you want to be a better person than you are right now? i do, and that's the assumption that i start this post with. It boggles my mind that there seem to be people out there who don't want to be better people than they are now, but the evidence seems quite overwhelming to that regard. If it is true of anyone, this is not going to be helpful to them. But for the [...]

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Is it okay to name and shame? [Facebook Poll results]

Is it okay to name and shame a person online? For example when someone has said or done something hugely sexist or racist, does the world need to know? That was part of the conversation we had yesterday. In the light of the controversial Dove ad and the Harvey Weinstein accusations. Locally, i am thinking of the Penny Sparrow incident of comparing black beachgoers to monkeys and internationally there have been the repeated cases against [...]

The Good, The Bad and “You’re Ugly!”

It was the best of Social Medias, it was the worst of Social Medias. i mean, let's be honest, i don't tend towards being a 'go gently into that good night' kind of person when it comes to the online. Or the offline. Or an unattended chocolate fountain, to be honest, but that's just your fault wedding reception i wasn't even invited to! MMmm, cho-co-late fountain.... now, where was i? Oh yes, social media. Well [...]

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Dear Fish: What do we do with the anger?

i received an email from a friend of mine on Facebook who is asking some questions that relate quite strongly to some stuff i have been giving a lot of thought to, especially this last week. i think it's a bit of a minefield, to be honest. But i also think it's high time we stepped into this one: Morning 😊 I've been thinking about ANGER and VIOLENCE. I think that so many people dismiss [...]

The art of having an opinion… via Survey

Some of you may have seen that i put up a survey the other day on Facebook... [If not, there is probably still a little bit of time as it was only up for a day and i don't know how to extend that -] i was chatting to my good buddy Dreadlock Mike on the Whatsapp [it bothers me so much that Whatsapp has an 'H' in it for some reason] the other [...]

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My Work: What do you do, exactly?

i get asked that question a lot. i won't say i dread it as much as i consistently seem to find myself coming up with creative ways of answering it. So depending when you ask me, "What do you do?" you might get a varied or improvisationalised answer. The current response is 'Freelance writer'. For an online magazine called 1Africa and you can find articles i have written for them over here [Moving beyond superficial [...]

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God and Social Media

Would Jesus be on social media? i believe the answer is no. Would Jesus want me to be on social media? i believe the answer is yes. This Sunday i was given the opportunity by Ben the Priest to preach a message on God and my Social Media at St John's church at both the early morning 7.30am service [where a max of six people were on Facebook to the three on Instagram] and then [...]

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Coffee over Pie Holes

Soooo, i wrote a post with my reflections on the Passion worship event on the weekend as most of you know and BOOM! Oh and then there was the one i wrote titled, 'Sodomy: A South African Love Story' which was a "great post, but please change the title because it's awkward having that on my wall" and that exploded on The Warehouse wall. The piece i shared on Equality, Equity and Reality didn't get [...]

The Character Equation – part Social Networking positivity

How do you judge good character? As i have been thinking about the idea of 'Character' and 'A person of good character'  it seems to be a bit subjective or elusive in terms of definition. One of the dictionary definitions Uncle Google came up with was 'the mental and moral qualities distinctive to an individual.' But the problem with that definition is that it uses the word moral [which in itself, these days, seems to be [...]

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