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But what can i do? [White people in South Africa and beyond…] Tips 6-10

White South African friends… i have so much love for you. A number of you, when race conversations have been happening, have asked the question, “What can i do?” and as one who doesn’t have all the answers but certainly has some of the journey, i figured I can share some things that helped me to move further along in this conversation. So for the next forty days, i am hoping to share an idea a day – some simple, some more [...]

Maybe the problem is that we didn’t start.

So the other day i posted my first Race with Me video of a series i plan to run on the topic of the white people question, "When can we stop saying sorry?" and "When have we done enough?". Which you can watch here if you missed it. Then yesterday i posted this question as a status on Facebook: Question for white people in South Africa... in 1994 after decades of apartheid, when the laws [...]

Steps Towards Transformation: part Employment Equity: Sindile Vabaza

I think it is important that I give an examples of how 'baseline' thinking can help us navigate difficult waters. 1.) The issue of employment equity is a difficult one. My take on it is that from my experience both young white and black people fundamentally want to feel like they are being treated fairly and of course that is a most reasonable thing, but I do want to latch on to the idea of [...]

Steps Towards Transformation: Meet Hulisani Khorombi

I would like to think that I am good at putting my thoughts onto paper (virtual or not) but sometimes I come off as ignorant or unaware of something because the thought process that made me think or say something just wasn’t explained properly. So when the topic of transformation came up I was weary to even try to say anything about it. If you have been following the discussion there have been some really [...]

First steps in the New South Africa: A response by Sindile Vabaza

i have loved the conversation going on in the comments section of the blog piece Nkosi wrote for me on First Steps White South Africans can make towards a really new South Africa. My friend Lex passed on a response from her friend, Sindile, which i thought would be good to use as a standalone post as i'm sure it will also generate some good conversation. So we would love to hear from you and please [...]