The Bachelor Party: You don’t have to make him feel like a tit

i won't lie. i'm not the biggest fan of bachelor parties.  The idea of dressing a good friend up and then making them feel like a tit is beyond me. Hey friend, you are about to have one of the most important celebrations of your life and start a whole new way of living as a married man with the woman you have chosen to be with... let's celebrate that by embarrassing you, making you [...]

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And the drum beats on…

I was thirty-five when I tied the proverbial knot and so had attended many marriages and yet this one continues to stand head and shoulders above the rest. Not simply because it was my marriage, which no doubt adds its own weight of bias, but I imagine regardless of whose ceremony I was attending that day, I would have still been blown away. Purple-haired, black suited, I waited nervously for my bride to arrive. Upon [...]

Taboo Topic: Marriage Counselling – part Intro

I have often said that ‘Being Married to the Right Person’ is one of the best things in the World’ and I hold by that. Not the easiest though. Or the most comfortable necessarily. A large percentage of the people I know who have gotten married typically go through some kind of marriage counselling or preparation before the wedding day happens. Dealing with conflict and putting a budget together and decision-making and things like that. [...]

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Weekly Photo Challenge: (Kiss)

with the theme of 'Kiss' there are certainly a lot of different interpretations i could have given to this week's challenge, but the one that i have to share so obviously rises above all of those and that is a kiss between my wife Valerie [aka tbV - the beautiful Val] and myself on my wedding day... but as i searched for the picture i was wanting to use, namely this one which for me [...]

“Weekly Photo Challenge: (Love)

with the theme of Love, the first thing that springs to mind has to be God and the beautiful Val... and so the most natural pics to choose would be linked to both, so out of the thousands i chose these two from our wedding, the time of us celebrating and officialising our Love before God and friends... the first one i would title 'catching the first glimpse' as this was the moment that tbV [...]

celebrating failure?

yesterday tbV and i attended the wedding of some friends we have made in americaland, namely Kristin and the Beatles [as i call Matt, cos to me he looks like 2 or more of the Beatles rolled into one] and had a really fun time. the wedding was outside and the highlight of the event [apart from all of the wedding-related stuff of course] was this young flowergirl who completely messed up her job and [...]

remembering the unique within the deluge…

i said to my beautiful wife Valerie the other day something along the lines of 'what do people write statuses [stati?] about on Facebook if they are not entering into a relationship or having a baby? [or these days in americaland making some kind of staunchly pro this party or anti that one political statement] as it just seemed like the majority of statuses [stati?] i was reading were about one of those... and two [...]

why i am anti crastination!

the story so far: the beautiful Val is in south africa for the wedding of her younger sister. i am not. tonite i cleaned house. earlier i was lying in the place of inspiration [the bath] and God spoke to me about a bunch of stuff i already knew [as you do] and about the serious need for me to, well, get serious, if i didn't want to get to the end of my time [...]

the royal wedding preach

my good friend patrick of cordery sent me a link to the preach at the wedding of william and kate yesterday which i sadly missed due to not wanting to watch it... but i'm really glad he did cos the words of this are phenomenal and really worth checking out or going and taking a read through again in case you were watching but a bit too caught up by lady gaga's hat... this is [...]

can't i just enjoy this big thing first?

what is with people and 'the next big thing?' - you've been single forever and you finally get yourself a girlfriend and within a month or two (especially if you're older) people are like, "so, when's the big day?" you get married and within a month or two (way before the plans settle on any kind of one year wedding anniversary preparation) it's the knowing smirks and, "so, kids hey?" and so on, and those [...]

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