Brett Fish St John’s Preach: Scripture in Context…

How do we use Scripture in context to make sense of the world today? This morning i was given the opportunity to do the preach for St John's Anglican church in Wynberg. Which you can listen to over here. with the rest of the service! But since i had to write it out for some of the members who can't tune in, i thought it might be helpful to some of you if i [...]

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Philippines Reflections: Disciplines

One of the biggest takeaways for me from our Philippines trip was finding some solid rhythms and disciplines. Particularly in the second month which we had put aside to write. Val found us a stunning spot in Honda Bay on Palawan Island and we moved in for a month. For me the main focus was on finishing the race book i had started a few years ago that had just been busied away into [...]

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Brettfish on the YouTube

Brett "Fish" Anderson has a YouTube channel. Which, like my blog, contains a little bit of everything, rather than dealing with one specific topic or issue. It's a place where i like to have fun and hopefully make others laugh or smile or roll their eyes but with a joyous attitude, and it's a place i like to try use to challenge, inspire and invite people to think about living life differently. Me [...]

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#40TipsForChristFollowers: Tip #31-35

Here are the next five tips in a series of 40 tips for people wanting to follow Jesus better...#31 Be different.Or as Peter Storey put it the other day, 'Be different. If we aren't different, we have nothing to offer the world.'One of the easiest ways to discover that you are failing is if you look just like everyone else who doesn't share your faith [sadly, with a lukewarm compromising church the same can often [...]

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#40TipsForChristFollowers: Tip #26-30

#26 Don't throw babies out with bathwater. In fact, maybe just don't throw babies at all. That's probably a healthy starting point. i had a conversation with a friend today about Easter and how some people are refusing to celebrate it at all because of how it has been taken over by the world or by people who celebrate a particular aspect of Jesus [seen as purely saving your sins and making a way [...]

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Luke: What i see

i have just started my video series on the Gospel of Luke in the Bible. This is something i have been wanting to do for a long time but technology was holding me back and thanks to a Horsedawg called David Barta i am back up and running and this long-awaited series is finally happening. Years ago i ran a series where i slowly worked my way through Mark in the Bible and shared [...]

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#40TipsForChristFollowers: Tip #1-5

40 Tips for christian types: #1 Major in Love. When Jesus is asked what the greatest command is [Matthew 22] He gives a sneaky two-parter answer which is basically: Love God with everything and love your neighbour as yourself. If this was the most important thing to Jesus, it should be to us. What i love about the Matthew passage is the little p.s. after Jesus gives the command which says, 'All the Law [...]

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The prayer of mirroring

i am busy working through a 'Seven Hebrew Words Every Believer Should Know' Bible plan on my tablet via YouVersion and this one by Dave Adamson really struck me: "Too often we pray when we need or want something from God - which is understandable considering the English word 'pray' means to 'ask or beg'. But the Hebrew word for prayer - tefillah - means to 'self evaluate'. So to the Jews of the Bible, prayer was [...]

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Bible things

When switching from my old website to my new one, not everything made the jump and so i am creating this as a base page to stick helpful links about Bible-related things that will hopefully prove to be helpful resoources for you. So far i have worked through the Psalms in a series i called 'Psalmthings', and then i did short video blogs through the book of Mark in a series called 'Mark: My words' and [...]

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psalmthing to chew on: psalm 72

This is an interesting psalm: the heading in my bible says, 'Of Solomon' and yet verse 29 says 'this concludes the prayers of David, son of Jesse' so who actually wrote it? And if you read the psalm it is talking about the king and how great he is going to be, so if Solomon did write this himself then it seems to smack of a little bit of 'Look at me! Look how great [...]

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