What? The funk.

So, as i write this, i find myself in a bit of a funk. The fact that i just used the word 'funk' twice does not make me feel good. What is happening to me? Could be worse, Brett, could be bae, but we all know that bae is not a word. It is not! STOPPIT! #BaeWatch For the last two weeks and coinciding with sickness vibes which could be a chicken/egg scenario i have just been [...]

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Breaking Bread [with Trev]: Words vs Life

It has been a bit of a while since i had a Breaking Bread conversation with Trev where each of us gets five chances to respond to the other person with around 100 words per time and so we decided to give it another try and here it is: = = = = = = = = = = Brett: (1/10) Hey Trev, it feels like it's time we had another one of these conversations. The [...]

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Welcome to

Greetings and Welcome to - this has been a LONG time coming and huge thanks to my friends, Mandy Papenfus and Simon Streep, for helping me get to this point. The hope of a cleaner, crisper, fresher look for my blog as well as a space to add videos and book sales and other fun things when i get the chance. 2016 feels like it is going to be a significant year, specifically in [...]

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A Poem: Turning the Tide

Turning the Tide one white hand calling to another to tear itself away from the clenched fist it has become accustomed to to step away and towards the sea of black faces looking on exhibiting so much welcoming grace forgiveness patience but at the edges one can start to see the restlessness is beginning to show [For other poetry i have written this year, click here]

Choose this Week…

Well here we are, at the start of another week. In one sense, it's just another day in another week in another month in another year and if we think like that, chances are we are going to meander on in the same old way we have been and nothing too significant is likely to happen. But if we stop for a second and approach this week as a whole new thing and today as [...]

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Breaking Bread [with Trev]: Changing your Mind mid Conversation

They say you can't really be friends with someone you've only met on the internetweb. i say pot-ah-to. Trevor Ruddock Black [or Trev, to keep things, you know, moving along] is one of a number of those people. He has guest posted on my blog and allowed me to do the same on his. The thing i like most about Trevor's blog aka Swart Donkey, is that he seeks out stories and posts of good [...]

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All’s Well That Ends Well Starts Well

No, that's not a mistake. This is a follow up post to the 'All's Well That Starts Well' post from Friday, where i spoke about a secret comedy show preview that was happening sometime [Friday night] and gave a bit of a taste of what it was about. So basically this beard: And this completely lack of a sense of hairstyle [at the moment - i'm in limbo]: Gathered together with three other guys names Graeme, [...]

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The one week Meat-Free Challenge? Can you?

Can you go without meat for one week? Yesterday i posed the question on Facebook just to see what people’s response would be and it was interesting to see what people had to say [a number of people claiming they could but their spouse? No way. And one person who suggested he might be able to give up vegetables for a week]. But that’s really all this is. Check it out: […]

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Book Launch Round 4: Durban

This was the 4th book launch i have done for 'i, church' and the first one in Durban. And what another incredible evening it was. Firstly, we decided to do a small change with this one and focus on the Q & A aspect of the evening which was a highlight for me from each of the previous launches. And as a bonus, i got the chance to preach at 3 Westville Baptist church services [...]

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