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Why i absolutely have to see colour! #ColourblindMustFall

The Colourblind argument seems to be a confusing one for many people. White people, trying to do the right thing, often hold on to the statement: I don't see colour. While completely believing it. i would like to approach that from a different direction than i have before, which might make it easier for some of you to get. Many of my best friends are black, coloured and indian people. And no, that's not [...]

the party

i attended a 50th birthday party last night. Of someone i have met twice... i was in the minority [as a white person] and one of the youngest people in the room [which doesn't happen a lot for me] and it was such a complete vibe. In fact, as tbV will attest, being in a space with fifteen to twenty people where i only know two of them [the hosts] is traditionally one of my [...]

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Show me all the pretty colours…

i absolutely love the people in and around my life.  It really does feel like a gift and on top of any male or white or anything else privilege that i recognise and acknowledge, the privilege of quality people is one i am most grateful for. The other night a new friend Mzi was visiting Cape Town from Joburg and we got to have dinner with him and spend an evening just chatting and reflecting [...]

Can’t we All just be Colourblind?

Colour blindness, or colour vision deficiency, is the inability or decreased ability to see colour, or perceive colour differences, under normal lighting conditions. Colour blindness affects a significant percentage of the population. There is no actual blindness but there is a deficiency of colour vision. [WikiThePedia] In a practical sense, what this often means is that people who are colour blind struggle to see the difference between red and green. At a traffic light, red means [...]

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