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When Social Media is social…

A lot of people hate social media - and with good reason. Those bridge lurkers have ruined it for us. But it is important to remember that social media in itself cannot be good or bad. It is simply a tool. People use tools for good or bad. And i have a deep-seated theory that 'People tend towards stupid' which is why some tools have warnings that look something like this: Which [...]

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The Yesterday Friends

i am going to Durban on Tuesday for a week. i could not be happier. Durban contains so many of my people. My younger sister Dawn and her family is there for starters and so we will connect and have a great time. But also some of the people i just enjoy the most in the world [quite a big set of people to be honest] live in Durban and so any excuse to see [...]

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Show me all the pretty colours…

i absolutely love the people in and around my life.  It really does feel like a gift and on top of any male or white or anything else privilege that i recognise and acknowledge, the privilege of quality people is one i am most grateful for. The other night a new friend Mzi was visiting Cape Town from Joburg and we got to have dinner with him and spend an evening just chatting and reflecting [...]

Can we please make it more about race?

You can tell i'm getting over my pity party. Well, maybe you didn't know i was having a pity party but it's my birthday and i'm trapped at home and my wife is out at work and the one thing i have to look forward to is an Improv show i am doing tonight which a total of seven people have booked for. And a number of those may or may not be related to [...]

The Bachelor Party: You don’t have to make him feel like a tit

i won't lie. i'm not the biggest fan of bachelor parties.  The idea of dressing a good friend up and then making them feel like a tit is beyond me. Hey friend, you are about to have one of the most important celebrations of your life and start a whole new way of living as a married man with the woman you have chosen to be with... let's celebrate that by embarrassing you, making you [...]

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An area i am well rich in is friends. That might seem trite or bumper stickery or Oprah-informed or something, but it's not. It is an absolute truth. If there is an area that i feel most privileged in in life it is in the area of Friendship. i struggle to get my head around it. i read a quote on the internet that said: Good friends talk about their sex lives. Best friends talk [...]

It started out as an apology of sorts…

So, as you may know if you are someone who follows this blog, this last week has been a little rugby-enduced fighty on the Facebook. i had two people in particular who pointed out to me the problem [me] which seemed to somehow be linked to my having too much opinion on too many things on Facebook: I'm troubled by the fact that you have an opinion about everyone and everything Brett, you do seem [...]

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Whose Line do you listen to, anyway?

This week has been a little fighty fighty on the Facebook and i'm not sure why. i strongly suspect it is linked to the Rugby World Cup that has been happening as touching on that 'holy grail' in a country so passionate about the sport definitely touches a nerve. As does most conversation about race. So in the midst of three days of more 'taking people on' than i am typically used to, i had someone [...]

How to Lose a Friend in Ten Ways – part Late and Worse

Let's face it, most of us are going to be late occasionally. But it's when you make it a consistent habit that it becomes annoying and it is another character trait that can really affect a friendship. Especially if you do it enough that you become known as 'that guy/that girl'. [And it might be important to throw in a cultural disclaimer here cos this is definitely a very western time-focused mindset to have and [...]

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How to Lose a Friend in Ten Ways – part Rudely Excited

Hm, this is a bit of a difficult one as i think i only know one person who does this. And it's me! But maybe you know someone else. And i think i'm getting better although it does take a lot of work. Did you ever know someone who interrupted you when you were speaking purely because they were so excited about what they had to say [as opposed to intentionally wanting to interrupt or [...]

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