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“I’m sorry YOU were offended.”

"Sorry guys, did not realise it would be offensive."  [Brett gives explanation of why it is offensive] "Brett. let's end the issue right there." = = = = = = = = = = This was the end of an exchange in a WhatsApp group that took place this morning. Yup, while you guys are coffeeing and breakfasting, this is how i choose to start my day. It is a sports team WhatsApp and certain [...]

A Frikkin Hashtag: #DidYouHearTheJokeAboutThe

With all the seriousness happening in the world at the moment, we thought we needed to go light-hearted for a moment and so we invoked the gods of pun and misdirection and invited you to ask us if we'd heard the one about... The Story So Far: Every Wednesday at 12 noon South African time [6 am EDT] an inspired and growing number of brilliant, creative and absolutely fun people from all around the world take [...]

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It started out as an apology of sorts…

So, as you may know if you are someone who follows this blog, this last week has been a little rugby-enduced fighty on the Facebook. i had two people in particular who pointed out to me the problem [me] which seemed to somehow be linked to my having too much opinion on too many things on Facebook: I'm troubled by the fact that you have an opinion about everyone and everything Brett, you do seem [...]

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Pearls before Killing

As you all know by now, Pearls Before Swine is my favourite comic strip and if you ever have some time to enrich, you can take a look at a whole bunch of the cartoons i have shared over here. And usually he is just random or clever or biting cynically silly fun, but every now and then he draws a strip which makes you stop and go, "Wo!" and maybe even think for a [...]

Highlight Moment from my life #48: World’s Most Famous Dolphin – No_bob

Many of you will know of No_bob, the world’s most famous stuffed dolphin. But you may not know the story. In 2000 i flew to the UK to earn some money teaching [due to an unfortunate police clearance incident i only ended up doing five days of actual teaching which was a high-or-low-light of itself and mostly looked after old people or University professors, who were about equally competent] so that i could join Youth [...]

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Pearls before Phones

As many of you know i am a big Pearls before Swine fan and own all the books and am constantly inviting [slash harrassing] PBS creator Stephan Pastis to include the world's most famous stuffed dolphin in his strip. Usually just for laughs, but every now and then, Pastis nails something on the so-serious-it-punches-you-in-the-gut side of things and so when he tackles a pet peeve of mine, you know it's going to be good: As [...]

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Hold on to your pearls.

i like to call myself 'The Eternal Optimist' This is particularly true when it comes to sport, and especially cricket. If it is still mathematically possible, i hold on hope to the very end, even if it looks really likely that we are going to lose. And then get genuinely surprised when we do. i like to think i am the same with people to a large extent. i want to believe the best of [...]

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it’s as easy as AccountaTextAbility

I'm not sure how many people feel as strongly as i do about cellphones sometimes, although i sense 'Pearls before Swine' creator, Stephan Pastis, might have some idea. People driving while texting or speaking on their phones lately has really caused me an out of proportional rage reaction [or maybe not. maybe exactly the right amount of proportion. but it does tend to be the only time i swear loudly and aggressively, to myself, when [...]

Are you a Pig or a Rat?

So in these two most recent Pearls before Swine cartoons, we get a great glimpse of the character of the two main, um, characters, namely Rat and Pig. Rat being the cynical, mean, vindictive one, i find that i identify with him way too often, and when i notice that i do, i usually have to do some kind of changing of my ways... although sometimes i wish i was this forward: Whereas Pig on [...]

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Pearls Before The Best and Worst of Food

i don't know Stephan Pastis personally [although i did meet him once and introduce him to No_bob, the world's most famous dolphin and if we keep on harrassing him he will surely HAVE to include No_bob in a strip] but it is quite possible he is stalking me. As is evidenced in these two strips i just saw on the best and worst of foods. It's like he 'gets' me. THE BEST: THE WORSTish: Well, [...]

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