Taboo Topics: Singleness – Meet Simangele Mabena

Things started changing when I was in Montreal in 2012. I distinctly remember walking along the beautiful historic buildings enjoying the sunshine when I heard a voice, “You can’t do this anymore”. Do what? I thought. It didn’t take me long to realise what “THIS” was. I had somehow hit a wall in my single life. I wasn’t dating anyone – heck, I as actively avoiding anyone who suggested I go out on a date [...]

Seven years anniversary reflections.

i considered titling this post "Seven years a slave" for the clickbait effect, but didn't for two reasons: [1] That would be horribly offensive to slaves and slavery and the ongoing pseudo-slavery that still happens in many places around the world. [2] That would be horribly offensive to marriage and married people. And especially tbV [the beautiful Val]. People who make jokes or digs or insinuations about marriage being like slavery or a prison sentence [...]

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When switching from my old website to my new one, not everything made the jump and so i am creating this as a base page to stick helpful links about Relationships in various shapes and forms. i have had some incredible people write some super helpful posts on topics ranging from Singleness to Dating to Engagement to Marriage to being Parents of young children when it's not particularly easy and more. Hopefully soon i will [...]

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Welcome to

Greetings and Welcome to - this has been a LONG time coming and huge thanks to my friends, Mandy Papenfus and Simon Streep, for helping me get to this point. The hope of a cleaner, crisper, fresher look for my blog as well as a space to add videos and book sales and other fun things when i get the chance. 2016 feels like it is going to be a significant year, specifically in [...]

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Taboo Topics: Singleness – meet Angela Saint-Truth

Seriously Single I never imagined still being single at 26 years old. The plan I had for my life was so much different than how my story unfolded, from going to the movies with my friends to attending their weddings, all the while silently waiting for the day my turn arrives...  (on the real, sometimes I have my SERIOUSLY THOUGH moments) While society tends to view being single as a problem you somehow need to fix [...]

Taboo Topics: Singleness – Meet Phil Barlow

I'm single and I love it! Sometimes... Sometimes not so much. Valentine's day has just been and gone and, while it's not an occasion that I've ever taken very seriously, it does bring one's singleness to the forefront of one's mind. I was walking through the shops last Friday (the day before Valentine’s) and saw all the people selling roses and stuff like that. There was a part of me that just wanted to buy [...]

Taboo Topics: Singleness – Meet Lynley Pillay

I am a 37 years old single guy. I would point out that I have tried not to be single a few times…. I have had my fair share of relationships in life.  I was engaged once too. So technically speaking I am disengaged now (see what I did there) ha ha ha. Before I get into the meaning of things in life for me, I would like to share a bit about me. I [...]

Taboo Topics: Singleness – Meet Amanda Kuehn

HIS BANNER OVER ME IS SINGLE Last month I was supposed to get married. There was no ring on my finger, no invitations in the mail. But there was a date on a calendar and the seed of a dream that had been planted in my heart many, many months ago. I’d had a plan—we’d had a plan—in a world where I was part of a “we,” in lifetime that doesn’t feel all that long [...]

Getting Naked Later – a book review of my friend Kate Hurley’s book

A little eight-year-old girl was asked what she thought love was. She cocked her head and thought for a little bit. Then she replied, "When my grandmother got arthritis, she couldn't bend over to paint her toenails anymore. So my grandfather does it for her all the time, even when his hands got arthritis. That's what love is." [pg 159, Getting Naked Later] And with that excerpt, i begin the book review of this most [...]

Taboo Topics: Singleness – meet Deborah Dowlath

When my friend Deborah's post on 'What my Single Friends would like their Married Friends to know' hit 1000 views, i figured that people were interested in what she had to say and so it would be worth seeing if she was up to writing a piece for the Taboo Topic on Singleness and turns out, she was... Stages of Singleness When I was 18 years old, I attended my very first Singles Camp. Contrary [...]

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