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Maybe the problem is that we didn’t start.

So the other day i posted my first Race with Me video of a series i plan to run on the topic of the white people question, "When can we stop saying sorry?" and "When have we done enough?". Which you can watch here if you missed it. Then yesterday i posted this question as a status on Facebook: Question for white people in South Africa... in 1994 after decades of apartheid, when the laws [...]

Restitution: the beginning

i attended the Restitution Conference yesterday at the Castle in Cape Town, cos slavery. [And am going back later today for part II] Which in some ways just feels like a thing i did. Oh i went to this thing and stuff happened and people spoke and it was good. Excepting that it wasn't just a thing. It was the first ever Restitution Conference in South Africa. And that something like 21 years after our [...]

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The Character Equation: Saying and being sorry

"It takes a big man to cry, but it takes a bigger man to laugh at that man." [Jack Handey] Ah, i love me some Jack Handey, but as i continue to look at some different aspects that define the character of a person, i'm not quite sure that would be the best approach. However, when we hear the word "Sorry!" coming out of our mouth, we should always be asking ourselves one key question: [...]

i need to be stronger.

i don't feel very strong right now. i feel wronged. badly done by. hurt. betrayed. disappointed. and yet again and again it comes back to me that the call is on me to forgive. pride. ego. self-righteousness. my idea of "justice". all these things rally against me, trying to convince me that i am in the right [maybe i am] and that the other should approach me [maybe they should] and seek peace and restoration. [...]