If you think you’re ‘woke’ you’re not.

i can't stand the term 'woke'. But i get the meaning behind it and sometimes we need to use words we don't like, simply because that's is how the majority of people will understand what we're talking about. But anytime i ever use the word 'woke' [which is really hardly ever if i can help it] i give it a huge disclaimer [something along the lines of "i hate this word"] and always use the [...]

How do we treat the seekers?

The other day i asked a simple question in a Race Engagement group i belong to on Facebook, believing it was a safe place. i actually had typed out my question as a status and then decided last second to move it to the group cos it would probably be more appropriate there. The first person who responded made me feel like an idiot for asking the question and challenged my sincerity in asking it. [...]

My Shame: Some of the story of how i got from there to here.

My name is brett "Fish" anderson and i am ashamed it took me so long to get here. A BIT OF MY JOURNEY i didn't grow up in a particulary racist family, in fact if anything, my parents taught us to view all people as equal and deserving of love and respect. i was very fortunate during my time at college to be engaged in race conversations through the lens of the Student Christian Association [...]

Hope for South Africa rising…

i am hope-filled for South Africa. i am not so naive to not suspect how much of a knife point this country feels on at the moment and to know that at any moment things could suddenly go horribly wrong. We have a LONG way to go still and time feels short. But being in contact and engagement with an incredible growing amount of people who get it or are working towards getting it, really [...]