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South Africa – the week that followed: Where to from here?

South Africa, how are we doing? How is Justice being fought for this week? It's been a week since a bunch of you wore black in protest. It's been a couple of days since a bunch of you marched, a bunch of you didn't march, some of you held hands in a chain [or if reports are correct, went to go and hold hands in a chain and didn't hold hands in a chain, but [...]

A little bit of a rANT

World, i need help. i've tried to be strong about this and persevere and last them out, but i think they are starting to win. i'm talking about ants, the ones currently taking over my life. Three days ago, Jaden Smith [son of Will 'Fresh Prince' Smith] took over the internet with a viral video in which he shares some mind-blowing [to him] facts with Vanity Fair that had shaken up his whole life, including [...]

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Quickest way to get rich [legally]

  Want to get rich quick? i'm not particularly interested in it, but i know a lot of people who are.   Well i have discovered a way to legitimately become rich and it is a lot simpler than anything you might have imagined. Don't be nervous. It's not a pyramid scheme or a get-rich-quick internet scandal or anything like that. In fact this is a lot simpler and quicker than either of those.   [...]


i was chatting to a black grade six girl yesterday afternoon as we struggled through some Afrikaans homework together about Vasco de Gama. It was all going pretty well until she turned to me and asked me, "Do you like being umlungu [white person]?" "Why do you ask?" i inquired. "Well you know, all the umlungus have the nice cars and lots of money." My heart dropped. i decided to deflect the question a little. [...]

An inconvenient preach

6 With what shall I come before the Lord     and bow down before the exalted God? Shall I come before him with burnt offerings,     with calves a year old? 7 Will the Lord be pleased with thousands of rams,     with ten thousand rivers of olive oil? Shall I offer my firstborn for my transgression,     the fruit of my body for the sin of my soul? 8 He has shown you, O mortal, what is good.     And what does [...]

Some petrol for your thoughts

This is a follow up to the post i wrote a few days ago looking at petrol attendants in South Africa. Before i actually wrote the previous post [or while i was writing it, really] i stuck this survey question as a status on Facebook: Monday Survey: How much [if anything] do you tip your petrol attendant in South Africa when throwing in some petrol? Which i would highly recommend you to cut and paste on [...]

Coffee over Pie Holes

Soooo, i wrote a post with my reflections on the Passion worship event on the weekend as most of you know and BOOM! Oh and then there was the one i wrote titled, 'Sodomy: A South African Love Story' which was a "great post, but please change the title because it's awkward having that on my wall" and that exploded on The Warehouse wall. The piece i shared on Equality, Equity and Reality didn't get [...]

The Passion of the Chris

Last night was the Passion 2016 Worship Conference in Cape Town. Earlier in the day i had been at a significant meeting with the young folks from Disrupting Whiteness which i reflected on in this somewhat controversially titled post, 'Sodomy: A South African Love Story' which reminded us of an earlier definition of Sodomy which was  that 'The people of Sodom pursued lives of careless ease and ignored the poor on their doorstep.' Which we see [...]

A poem: On Point

 On Point   “I didn’t do it,” she said, as she pointed at someone else’s  parent’s parents. “I didn’t do it, “he said, “and I have NEVER used that word.” “We didn’t do it,” they loudly declared, as they counted out the coins to pay the lady who was busy raising their children.   “I didn’t do it,” she said as she gestured towards her black boyfriend who she had decided to name ‘Justice’ because [...]

How to be an Ally: #NotOnMyWatch

i want to continue this series on trying to figure out as white people, how we can be better allies to our friends of colour and i guess people of colour in general. i would LOVE to have more of you contributing pieces to this series, so if you have an idea please get hold of me. This is similar to the 'Just say No' post i did a while back, but i also want to [...]

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