Bloggers Block: Episode 2 – Forgiveness, for my sake.

Yesterday i found myself facing Blogger’s Block. i mean is that even a thing? i know ‘Writer’s Block’ is a thing and so surely it must be. Anyways, i decided to turn to the Twitterer and share my dilemma and ask for topics to write on and a few really good ones came in. So i thought i would dedicate this week’s bloggering to picking topics that others have chosen for me and writing on them [...]

Open letter to a hurting man

Dear Johan, That's not your real name. i'm pretty sure it isn't. Your comments don't strike me as the kind that would come from someone who uses their real name. And the email address is definitely not real. You logged into your computer and you clicked on a link that took you to my blog post and you scrolled down to the comments and with some amount of glee i imagine, you shared a [...]

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A new Brand of Recovery – some final encouragement to buy the book.

i have now finally finished reading Russell Brand's latest book, 'Recovery - Freedom from our Addictions' and can highly recommend it. Whether you feel like you are addicted or not. There is a helpful understanding that is gained around addicts who might be people you know, as well as just some generally helpful life wisdom from a very unique perspective. Russell Brand is not everyone's cup of tea, but you are doing yourself a disservice [...]

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The freedom that comes with Forgiveness

Is Forgiveness more than just a nice idea? My friend Julie asked me to post a piece on the topic of forgiveness after i recorded a Facebook Live conversation about it, so here goes. i have a friend who recently got caught doing some pretty reprehensible stuff. We weren't good friends but i have known him for ten years and his actions totally took a lot of people by surprise and a lot of people [...]

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Chasing Francis: On Artists, Forgiveness and a Communal Faith

i already shared some glimpses into the book 'Chasing Francis' that i am busy reading and absolutely loving. i have a lot of pieces of paper sticking out of a lot of pages, so i thought i would have to do a follow up, with the main focus being GET A HOLD OF THIS BOOK... this is simple a trailer, but the whole book chewed on as a meal is what you really want. = [...]

Day of Reconciliation 2015

Today is known as the Day of Reconciliation. Although for most South Africans i imagine it is just seen as a public holiday. Someone's status caught my attention this morning and got me thinking, 'Imagine if in South Africa we started celebrating Day of Reconciliation in the way Americalanders celebrated Thanksgiving?' - now, as always, any analogy is as strong as the point it is trying to make so let's just ignore all the negative [...]

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Blood Brothers: Part Genuine Forgiveness

This is a much longer extract from the book 'Blood Brothers' by Elias Chacour, which i do encourage everyone to read. Both as a glimpse into the Israel/Palestine history and situation, but also as a much deeper journey of faith and wrestling with ideas of God and kingdom. This passage it helps to have read the rest of the book to understand the full story of, but a brief background is that Abu Mouhib is [...]

How can man die better – part bigger man

There is a tragic moment in the book where Benjamin Pogrund is refused the opportunity to speak at Robert Sobukwe's funeral due to some angry incited politicised youth, as it seems like he would have been a natural choice and even Sobukwe's family had extended the invitation for him to speak. The speech he had planned though was published in Reality later that year: Robert Sobukwe. My brother and my friend.  It did not matter that our [...]

Taboo Topic: Pornography/Masturbation – and that video you play over and over in your head…

i don't, as a rule, share anonymous posts... however, this IS my blog and so i make up the rules and figured this one deserved an exception. It is a post from a friend of mine who scribed a very different angled approach to the whole masturbation/pornography struggle that so many of us have or had and i thought it might be helpful, or at the very least, interesting: Three Quick Awkward Memories: 1. In [...]

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Saturday Round Up: The week that was: Episode 7: of harmless chess pieces, cicadas, forgiveness poison and the importance of Together

Another week, another 'The Weekly Mash [and Peace!] - see what's been happening this week on the other side of my blog garage... Monday saw some Buttersafe cartoonage depicting the ridiculousness of chess pieces and the trap of the workplace Tuesday saw us take a look at the boy who couldn't be buried, the incoming plague and the no celebration relay team orders Wednesday saw some more cartoons with a simple yet powerful contrasting of [...]

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