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Words of ‘i don’t hate my skin’

The other day i tried my hand at a kind of spoken word piece with the title, 'i don't hate my skin' which you can watch over here. But i thought some of you might appreciate having a closer look at the words and here they are.   i don't hate my skin - by brett "Fish" anderson   I don’t hate my skin. The thought seems quite ridiculous. How could I possibly hate something [...]

We have a good ways to go

Last week on the hockey field, a masters player [meaning over 35 years old although this guy was easily 50] called me a Fucking Imbecile after an incident between us. Later, after i had had a drink with my team and was walking to my car he came up to me and said something along the lines of, "I apologise for losing my temper!" i kinda half shrugged it off with a "Sure, buddy, whatever" [...]

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Things i don’t understand… part I

What is one thing that you don't understand? For me there are many. One of them is how a plane flies. That's where my faith kicks in cos i can easily learn the facts surrounding flight, but i've seen and experienced it to work and so i believe that those who need to know how it works, know how it works. It still astounds me every time that we are in this giant metal [...]

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All lives smatter

This has been on my mind for a while and feels like a very delicate subject to broach, although a necessary one. For the last two to five years i have been on a personal journey of understanding the causes and effects of apartheid a lot more, as well as the negative consequences that continue to effect a lot of people. Let me put this up front: i have a long way to go... but [...]

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How to be One bit Less Racist: Intro

Race is one of the big issues we are dealing with in South Africa [and in Americaland, and most probably in pretty much every other country in the world, right?] and there is still a lot of work to be done. The idea of this series came from my understanding that most of us have some kind of racism or prejudice towards other people, particularly those of other cultures or race - some are quite overt [...]

Taboo Topics: Race – Identity and What makes me me?

Here are simply a collection of stories from people who have lived in countries or areas of diversity and have a race theme to a part of their story which they have so graciously decided to share with us: Meet Deborah Dowlath [Trinidad and Tobago] Meet Kevin Lloyd James Lok [South Africa] Meet Caley Daniels [South Africa] Meet Susan Hayden [reblog of 'Disco Pants & a Mountain' post]

Taboo Topics: Race – What makes a person? – Meet Kevin Lloyd James Lok

  What makes a person? What makes me, me? For me I’ve struggled with identity for my entire Life – one of the biggest struggles I’ve had over my identity is the one over ‘race’ (now many would consider it strange for a white guy to struggle with identity over race and don’t get me wrong – I’ve never thought I am not white) the reasons being that I was brought up (My mom assisted [...]

all cops are pigs [except those who aren't!]

yesterday as we drove to park our car before work, tbV and i saw some traffic cops putting a white piece of paper on a parked car... immediately we jumped to the conclusion that it was a parking ticket and went to that place you go to when you see a cop sticking a ticket on a car [even when it's not yours] - Urgh, shtupidt cop! or some rendition of that... as we drove [...]

Taboo Topics: Race – What I would love my white friends to hear

i don't know if this is the right place to begin this conversation on race, but it is a place and so will hopefully get the ball rolling and then we can see where it goes from there. i think we would be foolish to believe that this conversation will be easy or comfortable all the way through - i am hoping we will be able to get to a place where people can be [...]

an unSTOPPABLE force, part multiculturalism/diversity/unity

some more Erwin McManus from the book 'an unSTOPPABLE force' - From the chapter ‘Friction Traction’ On Multiculturalism: ‘The gospel, as presented in our time, has been crafted in such a way that would only bring Christians to Christ.’ ‘Evangelism for much of the church has not been among unbelievers but focused on receivers – people who already accepted our worldview.’ ‘The “great sociologist” Rodney King once said, “Can’t we all just get along?” The [...]

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