A new Brand of Recovery

Walking through the airport on the way to Durban, i spotted Russel Brand's new book 'Recovery - Freedom from our Addictions' in Exclusive Books. And promptly bought it to read on the plane and beyond. i am a HUGE Russel Brand fan. i think he is highly underrated and that a lot of his wisdom is often missed or dismissed due to his incredible in-your-face persona which many find jarring. But from his comedy to [...]

The freedom that comes with Forgiveness

Is Forgiveness more than just a nice idea? My friend Julie asked me to post a piece on the topic of forgiveness after i recorded a Facebook Live conversation about it, so here goes. i have a friend who recently got caught doing some pretty reprehensible stuff. We weren't good friends but i have known him for ten years and his actions totally took a lot of people by surprise and a lot of people [...]

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somebody, please MAKE IT STOP!!!

let me be honest, i am tired of all the Oscar Pistorius 'stuff' - i am tired of it and i wish it would go away. i am also deeply disturbed by it. i don't know that i completely understand why, altho i know it has something to do with the fact that it feels like almost everyone has an opinion, many people have made judgements, many others are just sending links and updates and [...]

Taboo Topics: Pornography/Masturbation – meet Catherine Rogers

i want to take a moment to honor Catherine on this and am so super amped that she shared this story and know it has taken A LOT for her to do so - but both pornography and especially masturbation have largely been seen as a guy issue for so long and it was at a summer camp a bunch of years ago that i really got to see the depth of the problem and [...]

Taboo Topics: Pornography and Masturbation [Intro]

the next topic that i will be dealing with [and starting with my own story] is that of PORNOGRAPHY and MASTURBATION which are often closely linked together. the idea of Taboo Topics is to take a topic that is very real [and often raw and painful, perhaps embarrassing or just difficult to speak about] but which no one, for various reasons, is speaking a lot about and to invite people who have had experience in [...]

Taboo Topics: Pornography/Masturbation – meet Jaco Hall

God is really good and just loves us too much to let these things pass under the radar! I was also exposed to pornography at a young age (Probably around 11/12) and the seed was planted. It was not so much the pornography I got addicted to, but masturbation. My mind was so contaminated with thoughts of masturbation, and my imagination was enough to keep me going! The odd e-tv movie or two every month [...]

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psalmthing to chew on: psalm 35

been great hearing some thoughts from my friends and may have some more at a later stage but back to me for now... with psalm 35: as i was reading this psalm [of david once again calling besmitement upon his enemies for all the nasty things they are doing or plotting against him] i had the thought that david's only reference was the old testament God... now one of the big contentions of the Bible [...]

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easter for dummies – part 1 – the problem

so for anyone out there not familiar with the Christian faith, this is what this holiday is all about in the shell of a nut: # mankind is sinful - this is a pretty easy one to verify - read a newspaper, watch the news, hang out with yourself for a 24 hour period or anyone else that you like or specifically some people you don't - you don't need test tubes in a lab [...]

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can i not just start enjoying this big thing now?

not to be confused with 'can't i just enjoy this big thing first?' some people refuse to let go of stuff. and it kills them. some people it actually genuinely physically kills them, cos you can trace ulcers and other stress-related diseases and conditions to the unforgiveness and disappointments that they held onto for a considerable amount of their lives someone once said "holding onto unforgiveness is like drinking a cup of poison and hoping [...]

i owe, i owe…

‘Let no debt remain outstanding, except the continuing debt to love one another, for he who loves his fellowman has fulfilled the law.’ [romans 13.8] i love that verse.  i have been reading romans for quite a long time now and i just keep getting stuck on that verse any time I am near it the continuing debt to love one another – what a cool way to be in debt – and the idea [...]

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