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Introducing – Concert in the Dark: “Into the Light”

Can you imagine what music might sound like to someone who is blind? CBM South Africa, a branch of the world's biggest disability charity, has teamed up with the Cape Town Youth Choir to raise awareness of the organisation and the work we do to create sustainable change and improve lives of people with disabilities. Concert tickets include refreshments. We've entitled the programme, "Into the Light" and it contains works by well known and lesser [...]

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A Frikkin Hashtag: #UnwantedBoyBandNames

Everyone loves a good boy band. [If only there were any]. But most of us probably think we could come up with some better names than what we've experienced so far. So AFH decided to give this a try... and you showed up! [The Story So Far: Every Wednesday at 1pm South African time [6amĀ EST] an inspired and growing number of brilliant, creative and absolutely fun people from all around the world take part in [...]

A Frikkin Hashtag: #AnimalTopTwentySongs part II

We continue with Part II of #AnimalTopTwentySongs [For Part I, click here] where we move beyond the trends and celebs and bots to the tweets that really matter, those made by YOU... that's right, so many Fish List of Prizeworthyness [F.L.O.P.] tweets that they could not be contained in just one post. There were really a whole lot of super good and amazing and funny and clever tweets in this game and this list is [...]

CD Giveaway: Chris Tomlin/Rend Collective

Who doesn't like FREE stuff, right? So let's jump straight to the point which is that i have the latest Chris Tomlin 3 cd collection [a combination of his See the Morning, Hello Love and Burning Lights cds] as well as the Rend Collective Mixtape [a new collection which combines some of your favourite Rend Collective songs]. Chris Tomlin, along with Matt Redman, must be one of the most consistent worship song writers of [...]

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to celebrate a 40 million something goal is human, to forgive is divine…

i imagine this is a much bigger post or discussion than what will fit in here but let's get it started... a soccer player [who was worth something like 40 million something - does it really matter when you hit 40 million whether the next word is pounds, euros or dollars?] scores a goal. a hundred facebook statuses [stati?] read something along the lines of 'amazing goal - so worth the money spent' i get [...]

get to know your south african musos, part nick groves [pt i]

i am privileged to be friends with a lot of really talented people, especially in the area of music, and was recently inspired to write a series of blogs that showcase some of these people and their talent so that more people can hear what they are producing - this will take the form of a number of interviews with links provided so that you can go and check them out and first up is [...]

lausanne reflections: christians and bad movies

we watched a multiplex (workshop session) yesterday on Christians and the media and then we had a bunch of small group discussion on the topic - as i was mc'ing the meeting and made some statements about bad christian movies there were too many heads nodding in agreement for me to think this is just my particular cynicised view the bottom line for me is that the church has some great stories - from the [...]

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