Leading Women of Africa: Meet Eve Thompson

A friend of mine connected me to Eve Thompson, who, among other things, is the author of the book 'Leading Women of Africa'. When i heard how the book had come about, due to a lack of black women being mentioned in educational materials, i was very excited to connect with Eve and hear a little more of her story and she has graciously shared it here... Leading Women of Africa Hi.  My [...]

What Women’s Month means to me [a man!]

August is Women's Month. Typically those would be words that usher in some kind of celebration. But as a man, i cannot celebrate Women's Month. Because we have let woman down! And we continue to every single day. There is a war against women. In South Africa, and around the world. A War against Women Many men would very likely rubbish that statement because they are just so completely oblivious. But like being unaware of [...]

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40 Tips for Men: Part 16-20

What does it mean to be real men? We are continuing on with our journey towards 40 Tips for Men... 40 Tips for Men: Tip #16 Be slow to the mic. Picture this: There is a conference or book launch or some form of meeting happening in South Africa. Afterwards, there is a time of Q & A. Without knowing anything about the meeting, describe as best you can, the first five people who [...]

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Let’s build sandcastles together: An Open Letter to the Church

Dear Church [and in my brain i'm thinking church of Cape Town, but this really is good stuff for the church at large to hear], i have a deep love for you and a desire for you to be everything you were made to be. But it is a lot of love-hate relationship cos man, you confound me so much sometimes. Especially on the man bit. But i had a dream about you last night [...]

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What Jessica Jones Season II trailer said to me

Jessica Jones is returning to Netflix and i couldn't be more stoked. One of the latest in a series of Marvel comic crossovers, Jessica Jones was most recently seen alongside Luke Cage, Daredevil and Iron Fist as part of the Defenders team trying desperately to save New York. It is a very dark series and one of the main reasons i stayed with it was probably because David Tennant [my all-time favourite portrayer of [...]

Why #MeToo can not be last week’s news

It's been a week since the #MeToo tag went viral. When women across social media platforms started sharing their stories, or simply putting their hands up to help us glimpse the extent of sexual abuse and harassment that so many of them face on a daily basis. Many of you may have read The Invisible Men piece i wrote, in which one of the main questions was, "Where are the men committing these acts and [...]

#MenAreTrash revisited

Some more thoughts on the #MenAreTrash hashtag i visited over here. Clearly #MenAreTrash has got people talking, which again is a good start, and hopefully people are looking deeper than just what feels like an offensive tag to some. So here are some follow up thoughts i wrote on FB: Here's a thought [not mine] - if we men are more upset by a #MenAreTrash hashtag than we are about the crimes committed against women [...]

You can’t “Give them a Voice”!

The other day i was on the bus coming back from camp chatting to someone and they spoke a line that sends electricity through my body [and not in a good way]. i think we were talking about my blog and the other person said something about, 'Giving them a voice.' i can never ever give anyone else a voice.  i can recognise and acknowledge and make space for and step out of the way [...]

Can’t they just stop having so many babies?

a guest post by my friend Sindile Mlingo Vabaza responding to a much made comment on this blog recently about people in poverty, although typically been aimed at black people, having too many babies as one of the main factors of their continued impoverishment: There are a lot of people out there who are putting up 'family planning' as the solution to certain societal ills in the country. I want to assert that this is [...]

#YesAllWomen: a lament

i go outside and sit on the top step in front of my apartment and look around... taking in the sights listening to the noise a family preparing for a celebration across the street the sound of a car backfiring, further down the road a laugh, an ambulance siren, a child's excited scream, the sound of two cats fighting, the music starting up and all seems normal this all feels right and good i pause [...]

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