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Outliers: After school programs as a safe space for learning and growth

i know a lot of people in Cape Town who are involved in some exciting educational non-profit organisations doing a range of inspirational things with the young people in our province, particularly those in less resourced schools. One such group is Outliers and i asked them to share a little bit about what they are about: In South Africa, only 50% of children who originally enroll in school make it to matric. In addition, an [...]

The [Cape Town] Life Aquatic: How do we go from here?

Day Zero continues its menacing approach like a menacing Sith Lord approaching with somber¬†orchestral accompaniment in the background...                     Cape Town readies itself by desperately grabbing hold of any water-catching, water-containing or water-producing containers it can find... And we stand at a dry and dusty crossroads where both paths seem to lead away from any kind of aquatic-heavy future. There has already been a fair amount [...]

Water we do now: a collection of helpful posts and stories

Cape Town Water Day Zero approaches rapidly with April 12th being the latest prediction. And people are talking about it everywhere... and there is some really helpful stuff... and so i thought it might help if we collected a bunch of it together for easy access, you know, like 25L water bottles in that one guy's trolley! If you find any of these links helpful, please pass them on and feel free to share them [...]

Cape Town Water Crisis: The Longer game…

i have written and shared a number of posts about the water crisis in Cape Town and the approaching Day Zero. It is super important that we think about those things. And continue to. BUT, this too will pass, and if we are still alive at the end of it, then we will need to take some things into account so that we don't keep Groundhog Daying slash Dejavu'ing this scenario again and again.   [...]

A Christian’s foolproof solution to the drought in Cape Town

Dear Christ-following people of Cape Town, Apparently a million or more people were praying yesterday for rain. That is an amazing thing. Okay, let's go back to the checklist and see what else is there: "If my people, who are called by my name, will humble themselves and pray and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven, and I will forgive their sin and will heal their [...]

Day Zero approaches: Water we going to do? Meet Shana’s realisation

Yesterday i posted a Facebook status by my sister-in-law Shana who was celebrating the fact that she had managed to combine a shower, hair wash and condition, teeth wash and leg shave all just using 5l of water. She did get some pushback as a number of people commented about how that has been their normal for as long as they can remember. And to her credit, she listened and really heard and this is [...]

Day Zero approaches: Water we going to do? Meet the realisation.

"We've been doing this for years!" As we celebrate and cheer ourselves on for reducing our water to comply with restrictions [ a good thing - the reducing, not the cheering] many of our eyes are being opened to the reality that for so many people across the country, this has been their reality for always. Until we know we don't know. Should we have known? Perhaps. Certainly for those of us who have insulated [...]

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Day Zero approaches: Water we going to do? Meet Shana Kreusch

i would like to introduce you to my sister-in-law Shana and her easy and doable water-saving idea combo: = = = == = = = ==  Guys. I did it. I brushed teeth, showered, shaved and washed and conditioned my hair, using 5L of water, and caught it all to use to flush the toilet tonight. To be honest, it was actually so easy, I'm aiming for 4L tomorrow. Here's how: 1. Measure 5L hot [...]

Day Zero approaches: Water we going to do? Meet the Pattendens

Cape Town has a water crisis going on. Something like 50% of families in Cape Town have done absolutely nothing to make any effort in terms of water conservation which boggles the mind as the rest of us are standing in buckets and queueing up for water and getting all sorts of creative to try and stave off Day Zero just one more day, week, month... One of the families that has been doing some [...]

They called me Scuba Steve…

So the Protea cricket team took on the Indians at Newlands in Cape Town this week - first of three tests. And we won convincingly, so that was fun. DRESSUP FOR NEWLANDS It has become a tradition for tbV and me with my friend MJ and whoever else might be with us [looking at you, American former housemates!] to pick a theme and go to the cricket dressed appropriately. So last time was Star Wars: [...]