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Who is your King?

i preached at St John's on Sunday about Jesus as king. The passage was Luke 23.33-43 - Jesus on the cross. It was Christ the King Sunday in the Anglican church, also known as The Feats of our Lord Jesus Christ the King. So i decided to look at Jesus as King. The feast was initiated by Pope Pius XI in 1925 and was connected to an increasing denial of Christ as King as well [...]

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Highlight Moment from my life #48: World’s Most Famous Dolphin – No_bob

Many of you will know of No_bob, the world’s most famous stuffed dolphin. But you may not know the story. In 2000 i flew to the UK to earn some money teaching [due to an unfortunate police clearance incident i only ended up doing five days of actual teaching which was a high-or-low-light of itself and mostly looked after old people or University professors, who were about equally competent] so that i could join Youth [...]

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a sTROLL through memory lane

today i happened to stumble upon this blog post titled, 'Simple is the way' announcing that we had been invited to move to Americaland to work with The Simple Way non-profit and live in Philly. it's not a particularly great blog post - more of an announcement for friends and family and just sharing the excitement at the time, but what was interesting, and what was again skimming through, was reading the comments [56 of them, [...]

becoming unsettled

so today we fly back to americaland and i leave a changed man. but maybe not in the way you would expect... i don't feel like i have grown so much as i have regressed, but in a good way though. as in 'returned to former state' - or returning at least. in some Christian senses i guess we have been living the dream - 19 months at the Simple Way [you know, the mecca [...]

the simple away

Wow! 19 months flew by, just like... well 570 days, really. June last year, after about four months of weekly Skype calls with our present and to be future bossman Darin Petersen, the beautiful Val [tbV] and i arrived in Kensington, Philadelphia, Americaland to live and work at the Simple Way non-profit as part of the first batch of an internship program [which was later upgraded to a residency program when they saw our skills, [...]

'myths of the election' vs 'election lies'

Meat Romney? so i wrote about the elections the other day and think some people may have been disappointed by me not actually talking all that sepcifically about the elections and voting in it, as the bottom line of my post was that 'we vote every day by our actions' which is completely true and probably a lot more specifically relevant than the actual vote i do or don't cast [well i don't [...]

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Aquaponics and other things that go blllloooop in the night…

so for those of you who missed my post on my 'the simple weigh' blog, here is a link to that and the story of the first week of aquaponics building that has been taking place at the simple way communtiy in kensington, philadelphia where we stay... aquaponics is like hydroponics but with fish [sustainable food growth] click here to see...

putting the ‘C’ back in Christmas [part iii]

this year we got to be secret rooftop witnesses of this incredible act of Christmas mischief that Shane speaks about in this article and it was incredible hearing some of the stories from some of the people who had no idea where the money came from and yet for some of them it was a complete lifeline and life-changing moment for them: So here is the start of the article shane wrote but click on [...]

why we're here slash shane claiborne uk tour [19 august – 3 september]

i was busy responding to a hospitality house [part of my job at the simple way] email when i saw this link to a shane claiborne uk tour happening later this year - if you watch the brief video clip you will get an idea of why val and i are hanging out in these parts with these people - it is an exciting dreama nd vision - what if Jesus actually meant the stuff? [...]

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