Why it’s not okay that i took so long.

My name is Brett "Fish" Anderson and i am 46 years and for the last 6 years i have been actively fighting against racism. Although people at times accuse me - and people like me - of being smug or self-righteous or feeling superior - i don't think i am any of those things. To be honest, i feel shame and embarrassment.  i have for the longest time been someone who has challenged the [...]

It’s Valerie Kondo time

It's time for the Valerie Kondo Experince... i don't really know who Marie Kondo is. i haven't watched her show. Something to do with decluttering your life and home and work space i believe. But this week, when tbV [aka the beautiful Val] shared her latest idea with me, she was the first person to came to mind. Val has decided on an eight week project of clearing out the things, which i wanted [...]

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Of airports and mummies

So yesterday tbV [the beautiful Val] returned from a two week trip to the UK and i went to meet her at the airport dressed up as a Mummy. Not to be confused with dressing up as my mummy. That's a whole different set of counselling. Shiny, Happy, People i thought yesterday, as a tend to do pretty much every time i dress up to meet people at the airport [yes, it's a thing!] that i [...]

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Seven years anniversary reflections.

i considered titling this post "Seven years a slave" for the clickbait effect, but didn't for two reasons: [1] That would be horribly offensive to slaves and slavery and the ongoing pseudo-slavery that still happens in many places around the world. [2] That would be horribly offensive to marriage and married people. And especially tbV [the beautiful Val]. People who make jokes or digs or insinuations about marriage being like slavery or a prison sentence [...]

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The Deep Dive South Africa needs.

i crawled into bed sometime after 2 this morning… Exhausted, challenged, frustrated, reflective, inspired, hopeful. It had been a long, packed day. The night before had seen 11 of us sharing a meal and then sitting outside in our tiny courtyard, wrestling with the idea of what it means to Live Simply. […]

Hugh Jass? I’m looking for a Hugh Jass?

If you're married, then probably every day there is at least one thing that happens that makes you just smile and know why you married that particular person. But on some days the thing is more obvious and the smile is much bigger. i have had a bit of a history with airport dressing-up ever since i was greeted in the Durban airport by two of my friends [and two of their friends] in full-on [...]

10 Practical Ways you can get involved with bridge-building

So much good stuff happening all over the internet the last two weeks in terms of helping us understand some of the challenges we are facing. i stumbled upon this in the Warehouse’s most recent newsletter and wanted to share it with you as some really practical steps for moving forwards together. These steps apparently emerged from a conversation between Linda Martindale, Caroline Powell and my wife, tbV [the beautiful Val]. We have heard a [...]

#FeesMustFall through a number of different eyes and mouths…

The last two days have been a blur of action and comment and conversation and reporting and trying to figure out exactly what is what and who is who in the whole South African #FeesMustFall movement. It is complicated and tricky and confusing and yet SO SO IMPORTANT and so it is up to each one of us to do the best we can in terms of figuring out our understanding and our involvement. Here [...]

The Power of Community

i LOVE that description of Generosity - being open-handed. We experienced that this week. tbV had a conversation with one of the car guards down the road from us and found out that he had a baby daughter and some issues with getting formula for her. She stuck up a question on Facebook for her paediatrician friends and had a whole host of answers and suggestions [and volunteers of assistance and even resource-gathering] within the hour. [...]

Why i Love Being Rich

Mumford and Fish These are three of my best friends: Dunc, Majay and Rob. And missing from that pic is Reegs who is also one of my longest life buddies. And of course my wife, the beautiful Val [aka tbV, which so many of you keep thinking stands for The Lovely Val because of, um, the B, obviously] who made this photo [taken at my 40th after these clowns performed a satirical rendition [...]

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