The Road to the Catan World Champs in Malta 2022! [Part II]

Part I was largely about how i found myself chosen and made my way to the Catan World Championships in Malta. Now to talk about the competition itself. Strategy vs Luck and some other third thing! The most asked question, by fellow competitors, and others, during the weekend of the Catan World Championships was 'Strategy vs Luck. What is your percentage?' Because Catan involves dice, there is a certain amount of luck involved. My [...]

Re-introducing No_bob [the world’s most famous stuffed dolphin]

No_bob, No_bob, swimming in the ocean No_bob, No_bob, showing no emotion No_bob, No_bob, the world famous dolphin No_bob, No_bob, everybody loves him No_bob, No_bob, you know you want to hug him No_bob, No_bob, the world famous dolphin That is the chorus from 'The No_bob Song' which was written and performed by Serving Suggestion probably a hundred years ago it feels [but probably closer to 15] and what a fun song it is. i figured after [...]

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Because Bloggers Play Tag

Greetings Bloglings [Wait, we're calling you that now, right?] and welcome to a very different post from normal, but i was tagged in a 21 question challenge by a new friend, Rashieda, whose challenge you can visit over here, and loving the opportunity to reveal deep and dark secrets about myself [as if!] i thought i would give it a go... 1. What is your current fashion obsession? i don't feel like i get very [...]

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Highlight Moment from my life #48: World’s Most Famous Dolphin – No_bob

Many of you will know of No_bob, the world’s most famous stuffed dolphin. But you may not know the story. In 2000 i flew to the UK to earn some money teaching [due to an unfortunate police clearance incident i only ended up doing five days of actual teaching which was a high-or-low-light of itself and mostly looked after old people or University professors, who were about equally competent] so that i could join Youth [...]

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Pearls before Phones

As many of you know i am a big Pearls before Swine fan and own all the books and am constantly inviting [slash harrassing] PBS creator Stephan Pastis to include the world's most famous stuffed dolphin in his strip. Usually just for laughs, but every now and then, Pastis nails something on the so-serious-it-punches-you-in-the-gut side of things and so when he tackles a pet peeve of mine, you know it's going to be good: As [...]

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Pearls Before The Best and Worst of Food

i don't know Stephan Pastis personally [although i did meet him once and introduce him to No_bob, the world's most famous dolphin and if we keep on harrassing him he will surely HAVE to include No_bob in a strip] but it is quite possible he is stalking me. As is evidenced in these two strips i just saw on the best and worst of foods. It's like he 'gets' me. THE BEST: THE WORSTish: Well, [...]

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when Desmond Tutu met No_bob [part III]

  Continuing with my share from  ‘Revisiting The Truth and Reconciliation Commission’s Faith Community Hearing' as we look at some of the messages that came out of the second day: FROM THE TWITTERER [Day 1 of 2] While 140 character messages don't capture the whole of what was experienced, hopefully they will help you to catch a bit of a glimpse: #TRC General buzz in the air. Today it is a lot of testimony from [...]

when Desmond Tutu met No_bob

So former Archbishop Desmond Tutu [or present Archbishop Emeritus Desmond Tutu, whatever an Emeritus might be] must be the most famous purple-dress-wearing man in the whole of Africa. No_bob the yellow-and-white [yes, he's still not nor ever has been blue] stuffed dolphin, is the world's most famous stuffed dolphin [largely because the competition in that particular field is highly limited] and called No_bob because he doesn't, well, bob. It was inevitable that one day the [...]

when Desmond Tutu met No_bob [part II]

This is a continuation of the previous post which started giving an overview and summary of my participation in the  ‘Revisiting The Truth and Reconciliation Commission’s Faith Community Hearing' which took place this week. Here are some selected highlight moments that could be captured on The Tweeterer in 140 characters of less: FROM THE TWITTERER [Day 1 of 2] While 140 character messages don't capture the whole of what was experienced, hopefully they will help you [...]

Pearls before Censors II

If you are a big Pearls Before Swine fan like me [i really am - i met him once and introduced him to my most famous of stuffed dolphins, No_bob], then you will know how much he likes to on occasion mess with the newspaper editors, other cartoonists and people in general really. But i think he has a hard spot [like a soft spot, but harder and with more prickly edges] for the censorship [...]

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