40 Tips for Parents: Parts 26-30

Here we go with 5 more tips for parents in this #40TipsForParents series: 40 Tips for Parents: Tip #26 + Tip #27 Make time to eat together as a family. Use creative questions to go deeper with your family. Two tips in one here. So thought it worth sharing them together. You may not be able to eat all your meals with your family, but i would highly encourage you to make as much [...]

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40 Tips for Parents: Parts 6-10

We are busy working through a series where we look at Tips for Parents and these are the next five tips: 40 Tips For Parents: Tip #6 Present a united front. This came from a comment one of the parents shared on the discipline survey i shared last week, but feels like such an important one. i remember as a child the whole idea of trying to play one parent off another. So if [...]

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#40TipsForParents: Intro

This one is for the parents i am not a parent. Well, not biologically. Or even adoptionally. But i have been a child. And a teenager. i had friends who were children and teenagers. i have been a leader on and directed a very large number of holiday clubs and camps where children and teenagers were the main participants. i studied as a primary school teacher and did about a year's worth of practical [...]

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Carpe Momentum: Seize the Moments

What a powerful end to 2015! At the end of most normal years, if there is such a thing, i imagine tbV and i would have tried to find a few days off to just chill and recover from what has been a busy, crazy, challenging, great and difficult year. But this year we decided to finish strong. And that has made all the difference. […]

Taboo Topics: Transracial Adoption – Meet Abi and Babygirl

I never fully realised what an impact one little girl could have on a community, just by being herself. Adoption has always been on my heart. I can remember asking my parents, repeatedly, for years, for a baby sister for Christmas. Preferably adopted. It’s obviously something that I’m meant to be involved in. I got my baby sister when I was thirteen. And then a baby brother when I was nineteen. And there have been [...]

Marriage Year 10: Meet Lu-Shane and Marco Alexander

When I was young, I always dreamed of being married & having children. Today I am a proud wife & mother of 2 beautiful boys. Its is only by the grace of God that we are now able to celebrate our 10 year wedding anniversary on the 1st May 2014. As with any marriage, there are many challenges and yes most of them not easy, but even though we were caught up in our problems [...]

Pearls before Quality Time

ah what a softie at heart. Stephan Pastis shows his true colours in this rare deeply moving Pearls before Swine cartoon strip, proving his range and diversity as well as his ability to make an audience go, 'Awwwwwwww...'   [For a Pearls before Swine strip on the frustrating phenomenon of losing a call with someone and both trying to phone back at the same time, click here] [For the Pearls before Swine strip that introduced [...]

a response to a nonny miss? part v: a glimpse into the why

so there was this email, and by now i think we're all up to speed with that - this was part of it: Brett-boy, you need to rethink how you spend your energy. And here I’m speaking in particular about the humor side of your energy. To take an example: Brett, let’s be honest: your youtube videos suck. Big time. And I don’t even see the purpose in it. Will you really stand before the [...]

a kiss before dying

my cousin Laura died two days ago. she was 30. recently married. then cancer reared its ugly head. absolute tragedy. just before she went into hospital i did get to send her an email and let her know that i loved her and was praying for her and her family and hoping for a miracle from God [which sadly never happened, not how i was hoping anyways] so it was really sad, but there was [...]

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